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December 2016

5 Features to Look for in Your Next Smartphone Camera

Smartphone cameras were once a substandard alternative to traditional cameras. If you didn’t have a “real” camera on hand, you could always snap a shot with your phone. Today, many smartphone cameras are better than the dedicated handheld cameras of the past. With the right features, a smartphone camera can

4 Design Tricks for Making an Office Space More Productive

Studies have shown that surroundings play a huge role in employee productivity and mood as well as the impression customers get when they walk into a place of business. For this reason, it’s important to incorporate tried and true design techniques that will create an environment conducive to creativity, work

How Many Of These Iconic Landmarks Can You Name?

Since 1889, more than 250 million people have visited the Eiffel tower. The Great Wall of China gets over 10 million visitors per year, and the Statue of Liberty 4 million. You probably get my point. These landmarks receive a ton of visitors and are centrepieces to the surrounding economy.

5 Items Every Designer Should Have in Their Toolkit

No matter where you’re at in your design career there’s always a few basic essentials that will help you glide through projects with ease. Texture The use of textures in design creates the physical illusion of the sensations and feelings we get normally through touch. They can be used as

30 Mystical & Majestic Forest Photos

Did you know that there are more trees on earth than stars in the Milky Way? Did you know that without trees we’d all be dead? Or that stress makes trees stronger? There’s a lot of interesting facts that you might not know about trees. But beyond that is the