21 Inspirational Print Advert Templates Your Clients will Like

This week I had an unexpected and frustrating design experience. One of my existing clients emailed me with a request which every designer usually welcomes: “I want a new advert-look with new photos, new message and fresh new colours.” I eagerly approach this request with much enthusiasm because… I mean… I’ve known this client for quite a few years and often (and I’m not bragging) my proposals to the client are accepted on the first round… so how difficult can this one be?

I even did my homework and researched the topic of printed ads to make sure I give her a design according to the latest trends. I’ve looked at quite a few examples and after a while decided on a suitable look and feel, and started with a fresh design. I have even taken it a step further… I gave her five variations with different topics, colour schemes and photographs to compliment each of the subjects.

It was with great enthusiasm that I emailed her my brilliant designs and then started the waiting process for her return email and walla… the next morning, there it was… but to my greatest shock I was brought down to earth with a few devastating words… “I do not like these ads” and as an after thought… “Sorry”. There are no words to describe the frustration I experienced after these few words.

To prove my point, I sent the proposal to Jacques, without telling him about the client’s comment and yes, as I expected, he was happy with what I did. Nothing wrong with my design! Where have I gone wrong? I’m still not sure; although I have an idea… will talk about that another time.

Well, it was Monday morning and I had to start from scratch. Obviously I needed some inspiration and started browsing through cyberspace looking for new inspiration. I also looked at the basics of what makes a good advert… again.

According to http://www.agamaadvertising.com, a good ad…

  • Immediately captures attention.
  • Will be talked about because it’s easy to be remembered and recalled.
  • Provides applicable and not unnecessary information.
  • Is easy to read, not confusing and the information is “in your face”
  • Has a call to action.

They also emphasize that a good print ad is composed of a strong headline with a complimenting image, one or two paragraphs of excellent body copy, rounded off with the logo and contact information. Mmm… yes not ground breaking information, I also had it like that… but always good to recap.

We all know it is easy to find examples of best ads in the world on the internet but we also know that there is a big difference between them and what our clients want. I found some examples which are more into the category of some of our client’s taste for print ads.

Enjoy the following print adverts. Hope you (and our clients) find them inspiring:


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Pieter Els is a graphic designer at Inconcept Media, Jeffreys Bay. He kicked-off his career with extensive research and design of learning material for print, presentation and online learning. After a successful career in this field, he decided to turn back to his original choice he studied for and gain experience in both print and online design for the retail industry. After running his own studio for a while, he decided to join a team in a ever growing technological environment.