21 Photos Of Poppin’ Red Street Art

There’s no denying that Street Art, or graffiti, has its time and place. It can either be a work of art, or it can be illegal vandalism and an eyesore. Street artist Banksy has made graffiti more relevant with his artwork, often targeting political policy and making social statements. I’ve gone ahead and put together a collection of 21 Poppin’ red photos of graffiti for your inspiration. But first, here are 9 quick facts on graffiti courtesy of Vox Magazine and Mental Floss:

  1. Graffiti as it’s known today began in the late 1960s in Philadelphia.
  2. One of the first known graffiti artists was called Cornbread.
  3. While most laws surrounding graffiti are local, there is a federal law prohibiting railroad vandalism.
  4. Graffiti is one of the four elements of hip hop.
  5. Subway graffiti died out for the most part in the late 1980s due to heightened security.
  6. Detroit is working with street artists to bring a newfound energy to a city that is in desperate need of revitalization.
  7. Street artists learn to accept the temporary nature of their work
  8. The dome on top of the spray paint can, which used to be about 1 ¼-inches tall, is now only about ½-inch in height, allowing artists to get closer to the walls they’re painting and write finer lines.
  9. While graffiti artists only work with spray paint and pride themselves on knowing their way around a can of the stuff, street artists use other media to create their pieces.

[Source:Vox Magazine and Mental Floss]


Credit to respective artists.

credit:Evgeny Muluk

credit:Brook Ward



credit:Niksha Jphoto



credit:Leo Startape

credit:Dirty Harry Palms GM

credit:Leo Startape

credit:Scotty Cash

credit:J Todd Scott

credit:Jo Sef

credit:Jonny Dredge

credit:Casper Perdaems

credit:Spen Crush Proof


credit:Scott Cox

credit:Francesco Moleti

credit:Kurtis Garbutt

credit:Debbie Priddle


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