21 Slick Soccer Logos

There’s no arguing that soccer (or football, depending where you are in the world) is the most popular and most interesting sport worldwide. It’s actually quite incredible. It’s not just good entertainment; it also has a remarkable ability to bring people, and nations together. It gives people a common interest and platform to engage. Are you convinced yet? If not, here are some quick facts about soccer!

  • There are 32 panels on a traditional soccer ball, one for each country in Europe.
  • A soccer field is called a “pitch” because every regulation field is pitched?—?or sloped?—?5 degrees upwards from one end to the other. The teams switch sides after each half so each team has to play slightly uphill for half the match.
  • The original World Cup was made of papier-mâché, but it had to be replaced after the heavy rains of the 1950 World Cup.
  • Soccer balls are slightly oval-shaped. But the checkered board pattern creates an illusion of a perfect sphere.
  • A professional soccer player runs 48 kilometers, or 3.9 miles, in an average soccer game.
  • Soccer was illegal in Mississippi until 1991.
  • Pelé played one preseason game as a punter with the New Orleans Saints in 1981 before deciding to leave camp. His only punt traveled 54 yards.


I’ve gone ahead and put together a collection of 21 slick soccer logos for your enjoyment and inspiration! Enjoy!

Credit:Saurabh Ananth

Credit:Arkadiusz P?atek

Credit:Andrew Brynjulson

Credit:Mateusz Wawrzyniak

Credit:Rob Gill

Credit:Brian McDonaugh

Credit:Ivan Nikoli?

Credit:Travis Hitchcock

Credit:Victor Namba

Credit:Ben Keogh

Credit:Alan Barba

Credit:Dimitris Chatzelas

Credit:Stephen Dyson

Credit:Ben Peddycord

Credit:Logo machine

Credit:Phantom Points Creative

Credit:Steve Ridgway


Credit:Michael Powers

Credit:Michele Greco

Credit:Jose Balsalobre