24 Arctic Inspired Photos #snowpocalypse

I just recently finished watching BBC’s Planet Earth documentary and was really blown away by the beauty of the Arctic. The temperatures drop well below -50 so obviously tourism isn’t really an option; meaning most people don’t get to experience the beauty of the poles. I would love to one day visit but will have to settle for the Canadian snow and ice in the meantime.

After seeing how incredibly stunning the Arctic looks, I was inspired to make this snowy/wintery photography roundup. I’ve put together a collection of 24 photos that reminds me of the Arctic. Enjoy!

snow-1credit: Felix Hernandez Dreamphography

snow-2credit: Przemyslaw Kruk

snow-3credit: Felix Hernandez Dreamphography

snow-4credit: Al Builov

snow-5credit: Al Builov

snow-6credit: Al Builov

snow-7credit: Jan Erik Waider

snow-8credit: Anze Osterman

snow-9credit: Jeff Lewis

snow-10credit: Seral de Beaufort

snow-11credit: Jörg Marx

snow-12credit: Micha? Karcz

snow-13credit: Giulia Zazzi

snow-14credit: Jan Erik Waider

Rayonnement noctunrecredit: GUIOT Damien

snow-16credit: Hans Findling

snow-17credit: Virginie Bourque

snow-18credit: Sam Barker

snow-19credit: karem abu shosha

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snow-21credit: Fabian Krueger

snow-22credit: Daniel ?e?icha

snow-23credit: Brigitte Schultz

snow-24credit: krasi matarov


If you live in a cold climate or have experienced a snowy winter then you can relate to these photos. I love the cool, brisk temperature and peacefulness of falling snow. I hope everyone in the upper Northern Hemisphere has an awesome winter!

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