24 Color Based Designs: Yellow

I personally associate the color yellow with taxis, lemons, and the sun; but yellow can trigger and evoke different emotions and feelings that can benefit your project. Here’s a short excerpt from 99designs.com:

Yellow is perhaps the most energetic of the warm colors. It is associated with laughter, hope and sunshine. Accents of yellow help give your design energy and will make the viewer feel optimistic and cheerful. However, yellow tends to reflect more light and can irritate a person’s eyes. Too much yellow can be overwhelming and should be used sparingly. In design, it is often used to grab attention in an energetic and comforting way.

To prove this point, here are 24 yellow designs for your inspiration. Enjoy!

Credit to respective arists.

credit: Scott Kirkman & Amanda Kirkman

credit: seoa jeong

credit: Javier Ormaechea

credit: Victoria Malko

credit: Constantin Bolimond & Dmitry Patsukevich

credit: Kirill Kodochigov

credit: Snask & Jens Nilsson

credit: Manu Berlanga

credit: Anna Kuts & Yaroslav Kononov

credit: ????? ?????????

credit: Feel Factory | Design studio & Danil Kartashev & Pasha Marin & Ilya Levit & Alina Stebletsova

credit: Plau Design & Lucas Campoi & Rodrigo Saiani & Kako & macula

credit: Igor Mitin

credit: Parámetro Studio

credit: Piëtke Visser & Kuudes Kerros

credit: Marco Vincit

credit: Sophia Georgopoulou

credit: Gerg? Gilicze

credit: Alex Voropaev

credit: Futura .

credit: nuket güner çorlan

credit: Rodrigo Bernardes

credit: Eduardo Roz

credit: Forma & Co


If you’re looking to evoke the feeling of laughter, hope, energy, and optimism, yellow is definitely the color to focus on. But be careful, yellow can attract too much attention and can irritate the eyes.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this design roundup! Thanks for stopping by!