25 Beautiful and Diverse Illustrations

As 2018 is coming to a close, there were a lot of incredible illustrations made by artists. Whether it’s formal or totally out of proportion, we once again see the beauty of different skill sets come to light. These artists use their creativity to draw modern illustrations with their own twists on things. I’m no artist but I know from my experience on drawing from time to time, nothing beats a relaxing day when you’re just sitting at your desk bringing your thoughts to life. There is nothing like making your pencil dance across the canvas for hours on end.

I hope you enjoy the illustrations as much as I did?

Ilya Kazakov

Ben Bauchau

Pepijn Berghout

Spiros Halaris

Maria Krasheninnikova

Marina Muun

Irene Feleo

Patryk Hardziej

Kate Ermakova

Anna Rudak

Megan Rose Ruiz

Olga Skomorokhova

Julia Guedes

Burak Senturk

Ana Duje

Nina Zhang

Logan Wang

W ins

Ju Schnee

Angela Zobaran Diez

Rita Alfaiate

Cheryl Villarino

Risto Kutt

Bogdan Adochitei

Justyna Krzywicka


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone. Till next week.