25 Blue Works Of Graffiti

There’s a large group of people who are very much opposed to graffiti. Those that think it’s unsightly and ugly. BUT, there’s also a very big international graffiti community who think otherwise. Who see graffiti as an art form. I find myself somewhere in the middle. There’s a lot of graffiti that I like. That I think is a form of art and is very appealing. But I definitely think graffiti has its place. Like I wouldn’t want to see it on the base of the CN Tower, or on the face of the Wailing Wall, for example.

But for those who appreciate the art form of graffiti, I’ve put together a collection of 25 blue works. Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.

credit: Georgi Dimitrov – Erase & Teodor Peevski & Jelio Dimitrov – Arsek

credit: INO ©

credit: stefanos papadimos

credit: Bruno Mazzilli

credit: Karolina Szerejko

credit: Manuel Vila

credit: Margo PRO “KaMMchatkA”

credit: Jisha abraham

credit: G

credit: Hayat Chaaban

credit: Jaider Diaz

credit: Antonio Leon Gonzalez

credit: Bridget Murphy

credit: kamal Marzouk

credit: Camila Michaliszyn

credit: Manu Faves

credit: Emil Hofkunst

credit: Jad Monzer

credit: Office Graffiti

credit: Paul Shanta

credit: LYKEREX

credit: ochre7 – John melven

credit: JiNGJO WLB

credit: Hector CHRISTIAEN

credit: Matthew Dawn


The next time you pass a work of graffiti on the street, remember the amount of effort that went into it. Obviously the same can’t be said for all graffiti (some being unsightly and others inappropriate, either in message or placing.) But some is very beautiful and appealing!

I hope that you enjoyed this collection! Thanks for stopping by!