25 Paintings That Caught My Eye in 2018

Painting is a language to express the feeling which is left incomplete when tried to explain with words. Painting is the art of using brushes and other tools for applying colors and pigments to a firm base, creating wonders. Painting is a form of art that has a long history that extends back to the very ancient times in all places and cultures around the world. This form of art played an important role but today, I’m going to show you how the paintings we know and love changed over the years and that modern painting is the next big thing.

KwangHo Shin


Rima ciplyte

Gabrijela Parigros

Spencer Chapin

Zoe Alexander

Marija Tiurina

Annya Ershova

Daria Ozerova

Maryam AlTurki

Sahin Karakoc

Mohammed Hamada

Valeria Ruiz

Valeria Márquez

Carmen Tyrrell

Ioana Harasim

Megan Rose Ruiz

James Chia Han Lee

Randall Schmit

Ariane Gage

Patsung Ramento

FRNK Guzman

joanna puro-aunola

Johannes Nordqvist Hogbom

Olga De