25 Scratchboard Art Pieces to Admire

Scratchboard art is a type of medium or techniques which uses sharp tools for etching the white clay coated with ink, to produce intricate almost 3D-like black and white illustrations this technique is used to make impressions and images on the Scratchboard. This form of art style is very unique in the sense that the art is alive, giving great dimensions in the details of the picture. It’s amazing to see how a simple Scratchboard knife can create striking imagery on a blank board. Here are some beautiful examples of Scratchboard art that caught my eyes.

Leib Chigrin

Hiten Bhavsar

Kent Barton

Carl Licence

Alex Winemiller

Michael A Martelle

Lori Discoe

Matt Jefferson

Sue Findlay

Justin Soileau

Mark Rasbach

Derek Hansen

Chapa !

Vacon Sartirani

Jim Cook

Mariana Sousa

Gracie Wilson

Brnd Hnjs

Alé Mercado

Kjersti Faret


Olivia Linn Sørensen

Victoria Allen

Steven Gabriel

Diana Laura


That’s it. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed looking at this beautiful Artworks as much as I did. If any of them stands out the most to you, let me know below in the comments. Have a wonderful day!