28 Beard & Stache Logos

I’ll be honest. These logos are super cool, but I have no idea how to introduce them. So instead of blabbing on, here’s 10 facts about facial hair!

  1. On average, a man’s beard will grow 5.5 inches per year.
  2. If you were to put down the razor and stop shaving forever, how long would your beard be? 27.5 feet.
  3. There are around 30,000 whiskers encompassing your face.
  4. Beards were once taxed. Peter the Great encouraged cleanshaveness and for those who didn’t comply, he taxed them 100 rubles a year.
  5. Beards grow faster in the daytime than the nighttime.
  6. 98% of the Forbes 100 list of the world’s richest men are clean-shaven.
  7. The only king without a moustache in a deck of cards is the king of hearts.
  8. The average moustache will trap a pint and a half of beer ever single year.
  9. It’s estimated that 33% of American males have facial hair.
  10. The International Boxing Association prohibits amateur boxers from having beards.

[Courtesy of nextluxury.com]

I’ve put together a collection of beard and moustache logos for your inspiration. Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.

credit:michael henning

credit:Maxim Temchenko

credit:Emir Ayouni

credit:Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

credit:Maxim Temchenko

credit:Ryan Feerer

credit:Alex Tass, logo designer

credit:Jovan Petri?

credit:Luke Bott

credit:Adrien Griveau

credit:Max Robinson

credit:Dalius Stuoka

credit:Myles Stockdale

credit:Bertil Boisen

credit:Logo machine

credit:Logo machine

credit:Aaron Davis

credit:Igor Jankowski

credit:Max Robinson


credit:Jordan Jenkins

credit:James Darling

credit:Kira Laktionov

credit:Jacob Waites

credit:Cam Hoff

credit:Strahinja Todorovi?

credit:Ionu? Com?nici

credit:Tommy Creenan