29 Character Designs

Everyone has their favourite cartoon character. If I had to choose, it would be between Peter Griffin, the Minions, and Shrek. Animatedtv.about.com put together a list of the top 50 Cartoon Characters of All Time. Here are the top 10:

  1. Bugs Bunny
  2. Homer Simpson
  3. Mickey Mouse
  4. Bart Simpson
  5. Charlie Brown
  6. Fred Flintstone
  7. The Grinch
  8. Popeye
  9. Wile E. Coyote
  10. Rocky and Bullwinkle

I would almost expect that you all know every one of those characters as most (if not all) of them have played some sort of role in our lives.

All of the above characters had a beginning in a design studio or on paper, just like the 29 characters below. Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.

char-1credit: Shawn Wang

char-2credit: Roman Makarenko

char-3credit: Sofian Moumene

char-4credit: alain merlin

char-5credit: Sven Sauer

char-6credit: Veej .

char-7credit: Stefano Colferai

char-8credit: Amr Adel

char-9credit: Mehmet Fatih Usta

char-10credit: Srdjan Milankov

char-11credit: Samyuktha Krishna

Image converted using ifftoanycredit: rohith rao

char-13credit: Pawel Matuszak

char-14credit: Pawel Matuszak

char-15credit: Patrick Evrard

char-16credit: Kate Scherbak

char-17credit: André Forni

char-18credit: Johannes Seifert

char-19credit: Mark Henriksen

char-20credit: STRZYG . & Goverdose Digital Art Collective

char-21credit: Chow Hon Lam

char-22credit: Fuelled Media

char-23credit: Eneri Mateos

char-24credit: Loulou and Tummie .

char-25credit: Ana Bartha

char-26credit: Yan Blanco

Printcredit: Erik Chmil

char-28credit: Ojofrito

char-29credit: Arditya Rizky


I have a ton of childhood memories about multiple characters in the above top 10. My family would sit and watch The Grinch every Christmas. I used to curl up in front of the TV and watch cartoons for hours every Saturday morning.

I hope that you enjoyed this collection! Thanks for stopping by!