3 Premium WP Themes + Shortcodes Plugin from MightyDeals

When looking for quality, you are often faced with quite a bit of options. You also find it hard to decide what you want to choose in the end. However, looking at quality WordPress themes and getting a bonus Shortcodes plugin as part of the deal is something you just can’t let go of.

MightyDeals is offering a 24 hour deal on a WordPress Shortcodes Plugin and 3 Premium WordPress Themes for a small amount of $19. Yes, that’s right. $19 bucks gets you a package that will cost you $137 if you buy it anywhere else. That’s a saving of 87%. What are you waiting for? Let’s find out a bit more about the deal at hand here.

You already know that WordPress is one of the best CMS tools out there. You can create some amazing looking content and easily update it. There’s even “shortcodes,” which enable your WordPress installation to do even more effects. They’re basically “short cuts to lengthy code”.

Thing is, you need to search around and install a lot of the shortcodes to really take advantage of their usefulness. Or you can just pick up Lizatom Shortcodes, dubbed the Best shortcodes plugin available for WordPress.

Easy to install, this lightweight, cross-browser plugin is jam packed with over 5,000 shortcodes that are simple to integrate into your site. The shortcodes are even mixed in seamlessly with your WordPress WYSIWYG, so you can spice up your content with just the click of a button.

If you want to see all the features that are available for the Plugin…Check it out on MightyDeals

This deal is only valid for 24 hours. Don’t wait or you might be late.

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