3 Ways to Motivate Yourself When You Hit the Wall

Keeping motivated when everything in our bodies screams to stop can be difficult. Hitting ‘the wall’ during a particularly tricky task can be easier than continuing and finding that elusive solution to the persistent, nagging problem. Finding motivation can be hard enough, maintaining it can be even more difficult, but hope should not be abandoned. Here are some techniques to deal with getting motivated and staying motivated, from how students continue studying to how supermarkets keep custom. Following similar advice could help get you motivated or break through the wall.

Taking tips from students studying at university seems counterproductive, given the reputation students have for (not) actually studying. But as each university produces thousands of graduates every year, there is obviously something that keeps students motivated through several years of study. Breaking up larger tasks into smaller, manageable chunks is the essence of the student journey. Taking inspiration here could be as simple as breaking a large task into halves, then halving it again, until each step in the task seems more realistically achievable. Counting percentages to completion can help motivate as each step forward spurns you on to finish whatever it is you started.

Taking inspiration from the world of business and how companies motivate customers to use their services can be interesting. Plenty of shops and cafes run loyalty schemes that reward customers for repeat purchases. This motivates them to choose to patronise a particular store over another when thinking of buying something they need. Online casinos also have neat tricks to attract customers, as can be seen through the bonuses offered at particular casinos seen in the source here. The motivation offered here uses a mechanism whereby the user receives a reward for completing a task or for achieving a certain level of completion. To help you beat the wall, set milestones that warrant such rewards and – rather than rewarding customers – you reward yourself when you reach one.

Another outside-the-box way to motivate yourself is to turn whatever you’re doing into a competition. Take tech giants Apple and Samsung, for example, whose motivation for completing designs and churning out new smartphone models is to be in healthy competition with one another. Motivating yourself by competing – either with someone else or just your own record – could unlock a competitive streak that ensures you get the task done. Nothing helps motivation more than winning – or, at least, not losing. According to this piece, Science has proven that competition is the best form of motivation when it comes to exercise. Fitness professionals surround themselves with those who motivate them to improve and there is no reason why this technique wouldn’t work across the board.

Motivation can be easy to say but impossible to find, but there are countless ways of breaking through and finding it. Sometimes the best way to pull yourself out of a tricky situation is to look at how others break themselves out of their own binds and break through that wall. It may inspire a spark of genius that gets the wheels moving.

Featured image by Fabio Comparelli

Michael keeps himself busy by writing about design, arts, psychology, and how they intertwine. He grew up in a small town in Montana and now resides in Austin with his wife and dog, Bailey.