3 Ways to Simplify Your Busy Blog

When it comes to your blog, you’re usually bubbling over with new ideas, themes, widgets and content. Your enthusiasm is important to the success of your blog, without a doubt. However, it’s important that you stop to consider whether the additions are helping or hurting your chances of surviving.

“The buzz-word with blog design? Simplicity.” – heartifb.com

Have an Informative Header

Your header takes up a significant amount of physical space; therefore your header begs to be taken seriously. It’s the first thing your reader sees, and should be a representation of your brand. So, the question remains: how do you do this effectively without overdoing it?


  • Keep your header straight and to the point.
  • Be clear in what you want to convey, and do so in a creative yet concise way.
  • Feel free to include color or playful touches, if that is what your brand represents, but do it with intention.

Make the Best Use of Your Sidebar

The sidebar of your blog is a great place to put necessary information, and direct your readers to other sites, and posts. This is also an easy place to get caught up in too much clutter in one place. With more widgets to choose from than you’ll ever need, it’s easy to pile everything here and call it a day. Take some time to make the best use of your sidebar, right away.


  • Consider what you currently have in your sidebar, and eliminate what isn’t useful.
  • Take similar information and consolidate it into a new page. This creates a new aspect of your blog and fresh content. It also gives you more space to use the information in a way that is beneficial and easy to digest.
  • Do you have more than one widget serving a single purpose? Eliminate multiples and use the most effective one.

Asses Your Content

You’ve spent hours bent over a keyboard, punching out every last blog post and comment. Yet, if your readers can’t get through the heart of your content it’s useless. This is where disorder can hurt your blog the most.


  • Your font is critical to readability. Using a script can be difficult to read. A small font might cause your reader to drop off before the post is finished. Don’t make your readers exert too much energy reading.
  • Color makes all the difference. Makemoneyblogging.info suggests, “Color plays an incredibly important role in readability. Use colors that are easy on the eyes.” A white background for your post is always the best choice; otherwise choose the lightest version of your theme’s color.
  • Make sure your links are clear. These have an effect on your overall SEO and demand your attention.
  • Only include photos that enhance the text. Distracting images take the reader away from your post.

Overall, you want your blog to be a simple, yet accurate depiction of you. Make use of features, such as pages, to gather information in a straightforward, easy to read fashion. Your brand image is critical to future recognition, and your blog should represent that without distracting the reader.

Jessica Sanders is an avid small business writer touching on topics from social media to merchant services. She writes for an online resource that gives advice on topics including medical billing software for lead generation resource, Resource Nation.