30 Blue Logo Designs

Color can be very communicative in logo design, with every hue having a distinct meaning. Like the color blue, it means, in many cultures, symbolizes wisdom, trust, depth, intelligence, confidence, faith, and truth. Blue is also considered as the color of nature since it is in serene skies and bright blue sea. For this very reasons, the color blue was chosen carefully. You can bet the logo designer made his or her choice with regard to the emotion that the color invokes in the target audience. The following 30 logos use blue to their best advantage.

Dragos Alexandru

Qurat Ul Ain

Adolfo Teixeira

Md Sovho

Angling Prakoso

Eman Wageh

Super Beast

Sharee Neff

Lê B?o Anh

Sean Healey

Jordan Garrick

Giorgos Pehlivanidis

Ahmed Jamaan

Saif Al-Janabi

Shan Abeyrathne

Megan White

Daniel Estrada

Joe Aylor

Ntokozo Nzuza

Hanna R?czkowska

Baley Bodden

Craig Wolfe


Liubov Novikova

Connor Lin

Deedra Gannon

Jing Li

Adam Alalouf

Ronak Bhatt

Dmitry Umuarus