30 Creative Examples of Transparent Screen Trick Photos

The transparent screen trick is a photo manipulation technique that makes your laptop or computer screen appear to be transparent. The easiest method to achieve this is to take a photograph of what’s behind your screen, make it your desktop background, and then take another photograph. Though the process is simple, it’s tough to get perfect/realistic results.

It is, however, lots of fun and gives you a chance to stretch your creative legs — even if you don’t need this technique for client work, it’s a good way to sharpen some Photoshop and photography skills at the same time.

Enjoy this showcase of 30 examples of transparent screen trickery!


As with all round-ups, we can only show so much: there are hundreds if not thousands of other examples in the wild! Let us know about your favorites in the comments. And, if this piece gets you inspired to take action, let us know about your own efforts as well.

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