30 Deep & Rich Purple Photographs

Purple is one of the most misunderstood colors out there. Most people confused purple with violet when they are in fact distinct. Violet differs from the purple in the fact that Violet is a real color, as it has its own wavelength in the visible spectrum, while purple is a combination of two colors. Purple photographs can range slightly in hues and tones and are usually deep and rich in color. Getting the lighting and color saturation can be difficult, but the results speak for themselves.

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unsplash-logoJeahn Laffitte
unsplash-logo@CVDOP Limbocker
unsplash-logoMohammed Azim
unsplash-logoIan Chen
unsplash-logoMarten Bjork
unsplash-logoMark Harrison
unsplash-logoJeremy Thomas
unsplash-logoRemson Pellisserry
unsplash-logoOlla Ky
unsplash-logoRoksolana Zasiadko
unsplash-logoVictor Dittiere
unsplash-logoDominik Scythe
unsplash-logoBen Maguire
unsplash-logoErnest Karchmit
unsplash-logoBrett Ritchie
unsplash-logoBraden Collum
unsplash-logoLéonard Cotte
unsplash-logoPeter Forster
unsplash-logoAndre Benz
unsplash-logoEmily Morter
unsplash-logoAnnie Spratt
unsplash-logoKai Oberhäuser
unsplash-logoNGO TUNG
unsplash-logoFilip Pižl
unsplash-logoArnold Dogelis
unsplash-logoScott Webb
unsplash-logoJeremy Perkins
unsplash-logoCassie Boca