30 Inspiring Examples Of Lego Art

In terms of out-of-the-box and creative expression. Lego art has gained a reputation over the last few years. The glossy, colorful, and fun Lego bricks serve a purpose to help people provide a cheerful expression of their ideas. These Lego creations are really, really cool and takes time and patience. You can even call these creations, art, they carry the style of each talented individual. I personally never got into building Lego’s but I enjoyed seeing what others could do with them. I hope you enjoy the works of art below as much as I did.

Mec Lego

Indiana Jones

New Money

Afternoon Of A Faun


Matt De Lanoy

Sean Kenney

Nathan Sawaya



Thomas F

Marcos Albuquerque

Gavin Simpson


Ricu Gabriel

Tamjid Sarwar

Anna Jarmolowicz

Hey!Cheese Photography

Ekow Nimako

Sabel Yilmaz

Mick Wide

Aura Okki

Jeremy Fain

Julian Kotyszko

The Doll

Rahmat Habibie Bariyanto

Lilith Faimon

Arthur Sacek



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