30 Soarin’ Airplane Logos

The airline industry is HUGE! Everyday, more than 8 million people fly. In 2013, more than 3.1 billion people flew; a number that’s expected to jump to over 3.8 billion next year. If you’re crunching the numbers in your head, yes, that’s about half the world’s population. Now, that’s the amount of people in the air. But how many airlines are there? I would never of guessed this because the numbers are staggering, but around 5000 airlines have IATA codes (a license to fly commercial.) This is just covering the commercial aspect of the industry, let alone everything else that makes the industry run.

I’ve put together a collection of 30 Airplane logos for your inspiration! Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.

credit: Oleksandr Lysiuk

credit: Ilyas Bentaleb

credit: Nastasia Trenina

credit: Milos Milovanovic

credit: Orlov Dmitry

credit: Aaron Blythe

credit: Sahil Sadigov

credit: Sicheng Lu

credit: Julius Seni?nas

credit: Farooq Shafi

credit: Abdulaziz ?ahin

credit: Matúš

credit: Thomas Rawcliffe

credit: Dick Blacker

credit: Mantas ?

credit: Hugo Maja

credit: Emil Svedin

credit: Shawn Ramsey

credit: Chelsea Wirtz

credit: Donatas Surgailis

credit: Rimu Design

credit: Bora Mesut Palas

credit: Dave Keller

credit: Abdullah Noman

credit: AsbeenDesign

credit: Andrea Severgnini

credit: Shaun Brandt

credit: Monika Nowakowska

credit: Kevin Kurtovich

credit: LeoLogos.com | Smart Logos Designer


Whether you’ve flown American Airlines, Air Canada, KLM, Lufthansa, WestJet, British Airways, or any of the other 4000+ airlines, your life has been impacted drastically by the airplane industry.

I hope that this collection has given you some inspiration! Thanks for stopping by!