5 Most Famous Advertising Solutions by Google

When it comes to customer value and service, Google has always maintained the good tradition of providing superb quality service and solutions to users. When it comes to advertising, Google has many advertising solutions to offer. It’ advertising solutions are designed to cater to users in the most effective manner. Not focusing on any high quality printingmaterial, but rather on the technology market. I have listed 5 of their main advertising solutions below, so read further to find out which are the 5 most famous solutions by Google.

1. Google TV Ads

Well, the superb Google tv ads provide you a fantastic way of reaching your audience on national television. It was launched in the year 2007 and since then, it has been catering to a large number of advertisers and providing them with a smart and effective way to run national TV campaigns. Along with this, it also helps its partners (including networks, satellite operators) to work effectively so as to maximize the revenue. During the last year, Google TV ads has seen a six fold increase in the number of ads that are aired per day. This has been attained as their household reach across cable and satellite operate has become three times. This is why Google has been able to help both its advertisers and partners to get the most out of TV advertising.

Another new partner of Google is Cox Media. Cox Media is the advertising division of Cox communications and is the third largest cable operator in the US(Comcast cable TV is the largest cable provider in the United States, and Time Warner is 2nd). It has more than 6 million customers and now that it has formed a partnership with Google TV Ads, it has added its inventory to the national TV buying network. In fact, Cox Communications is the first major cable industry that has entered into a partnership with Google in order to deploy Google’s next-generation advertising management solution.

Because of the result of this partnership, the advertisers who use Google TV ads will now have access to inventory on more than 75 networks across Cox’s channels. Another big advantage that can be derived is that Cox Media is available in a large number of cities across the country. Moreover, since 2011, Google TV ads has almost tripled its operator household reach. It now caters to a total of 42 million households nationwide.

And when it comes to Cox Media, this partnership with Google will help to deliver new national TV advertisers, especially those who concentrate on quality and accountability in their TV ads. There is no doubt that Google TV ads help a major advertiser immensely in reaching to a nationwide audience. It eliminates the problem of time consumption involved in buying and selling each slice individually.

An update service by Google Ads allows operators to easily contribute narrow slices into the Google national TV ads inventory. As and when these small slices get aggregated, it will represent a much larger national audience that marketers can later customize as per their audience goals. Talking about Cox Media, it has become the first major cable operator to join hands with Google TV Ads as management solution. And in future it is also going to integrate with some new partners.

This solution by Google is designed to deliver higher returns for operators and also to integrate with existing industry technology, streamlining time-consuming inventory management tasks which includes ordering, trafficking and reporting.

Google TV Ads

2. Google Mobile Ads

Google Mobile Ads help you to connect with your customers on mobile. Advertisers can easily reach out to their targeted audiences across different platforms and devices using Google mobile Ads. It helps a lot in increasing online sales, and help to draw more customers to an online store. Advertisers also get the advantage of building their brand value across top websites and apps with the help of wonderful formats. Advertisers can drive the performance to reap maximum benefits. Google mobile Ads help in customer acquisition and improving conversions. Thus advertisers can easily reach mobile users and achieve their business goals. Google’s perfect made for mobile ads help in achieving all important things like getting more orders, drawing customers to the store etc. thus these ads help in generating more leads and increase the ROI.

When it comes to building the brand, Google mobile ads help in attaining this by providing interactive, captivating and quality display ads. Considering the fact that reaching mobile audience becomes easy, Google Mobile ads help in making a brand impact.

When it comes to publishers, these ads help them to generate more revenue with quality solutions for mobile applications. You can build your mobile application business with the help of tools from AdMob. And this way you can monetize your site with AdSense. Web publishers can also monetize their web traffic. These ads show targeted, mobile-specific ads from Google’s large base of advertisers to your users. Thus you can easily earn money when mobile users see or click on ads. You get a threefold advantage:

  • It provides contextual targeting which ensures that ads match the content of mobile sites.
  • It helps in reaching those Google advertisers bidding directly for your mobile inventory.
  • Last but not the least, it provides mobile specific formats which are well optimized for the small screen.

When it comes to app developers, Google Mobile Ads help them to grow their mobile app business. App developers can monetize across platforms and can also to promote their app to new users. These ads also let you measure the performance of your mobile business.

Google Mobile Ads

3. Google Display Ads

Google display Ads provide superb creativity that helps in delivering measurable results. With these Ads, you can connect to your customers on more than one million websites across the world. In fact, as per Google’s research, these Display ads help immensely in achieving additional conversions. Some of the key features of Google Display Ads are:

  • These ads show your message to potential customers just at the right time.
  • These are highly visually appealing ads and help in drawing user attention across Google properties as well as other partner sites.
  • It lets you see how your ads run and understand how they are performing.
  • You can also control your costs as it lets you set budget with the help of an auction-pricing system.
  • It provides you with useful reporting tools so that you can make real time improvements.

Google Display Ads

4. Video and YouTube Ads

With Google YouTube and Video Ads, you can grow your business in a much better way. Video ads help in reaching out to more customers when they search or watch content on YouTube and the Google Display Network. Advertisers can use an auction-based system to place their video ads and can also manage them easily. These video ads help in extending the reach of your business. It also helps you in spreading your message in a risk free manner. Another advantage is that you only have to pay only when viewers choose to watch your videos. Also, you can mane your campaign very easily as it provides you with all the tools in one place that you may need to create a campaign or for detailed reporting.

When it comes to publishers, they can maximize their revenue for every stream. Some key benefits are:

  • It helps in simplifying ad operations and also streamline work flow of videos.
  • It helps you earn more revenue from your video ad sales.
  • You can handle even complex syndication agreements with much ease.
  • It also gives you the control of the ad viewing experience.
  • Last but not the least, it helps you in reaching out to new audience across all screens.

Google Video Ads

5. Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads help you to reach out to those people who are looking for you. Amazing, isn’t it? It lets you advertise next to or above the relevant Google search results. Moreover, it lets you select where and when your ads appear. Moreover, you are charged only when someone clicks on your ads. Thus, it ensures that you pay only when your ads work in your favor. It also leaves up to you to determine the amount that you want to invest.

Google Search Ads let you advertise on different devices that people use to search for information. For example: Mobile Phones, Computers, Tablets and more.

Google Search Ads

What are your thoughts? Are these Google’s most famous advertising solutions?

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