5 Outstanding Strategies to Improve Your Product Landing Pages

When it comes to the online marketing, it requires diligent efforts as well as effective strategies to make it successful. An online store can effectively improve the ROI by improving the product landing page. In fact, it is imperative for online marketers to have fully optimized landing pages. Having fully optimized landing pages ensures that users clicking on advertisements are directed to relevant information and encourages them to go through the page. Discussed below are some of the best strategies for creating landing pages that help in improving the conversion rate.

1. Layout and Design should be optimized for Web Reading

According to some researches, there is an actual science and method to measure users’ online behavior and what their brains and eyes perceive on what they are seeing on the page. This is to say that it deals with how a web user is first drawn to look at the top left of the page and then their eyes follow a diagonal line across the center to the bottom right of the page.

It is very important to keep the company’s logo and other vital messages in prime location. This ensures that readers get the right information in the best order possible. In fact, design should be such that it provides user friendly landing pages. There are some trips that can help in getting a good design. First of all, make sure that the color of all your landing pages match with the overall look and theme of your website. This will ensure that user feels a natural progression and gets acquainted with your brand’s value when he moves between your landing pages and your site’s home page.

Secondly, when it comes to creating a landing page for mobile devices, it must be ensured that all the content, images and copy that are on the left and right side of the page, should be migrated to the center of the mobile page. For instance, it is always better when the logo is placed at the top, then the contact number, call to action button and submit button etc. Another important thing that can be included in a landing page is a social widget. If you integrate a social widget on your landing page, it will let the user get a real time feedback from other customers. Also, having a ‘Thank you’ page is a great way to ask for additional engagements from your customers. It helps you to track and see what customers are interested in.

2. The copy should be written with a search in mind

Having a good copy can be quite beneficial from search engine marketing perspective. In fact, if you have a copy that is related to keywords and ad copy that you show on your ads, you will have to pay less for paid search ads. A good copy is also important as it helps in giving the user a positive user experience. Moreover, it is one of the key factors that Google uses in its algorithm in order to rank websites in its results.
What web users want is to be guided on what to do and where to go. When a visitor land on a website, the very first thought that crosses his mind is- ‘what does it have for me?’ Now if you have a copy that eliminates all possibility of users to guess, it will make your customers really happy and they are more likely to click on ‘buy’.

It should be ensured that you maintain a consistent message from your display or search ads to your landing pages. You should take the perspective of search marketers and brands into consideration, and should try to match the paid search advertisement to the landing page.

3. Use images and video with a well defined strategy

Images and videos play an important role as they help to increase user engagement. They also help in creating a connection with users. However, this does not mean that one should use just any video or images for the landing page. Make sure that you do not end up cluttering your landing page with plenty of images and videos. Your strategy should be making videos and images a part of your landing page and not the focal point of the page.

You can post your product images in white backgrounds. Just hide the corners in the images so that it looks like the walls curve. Also, it is important to have a variety of product images you should have images from different angles. Posting How-to videos can be of great help. It helps in increasing the user engagement. It is also a good idea to allow customers to upload their own images of products as user-generated content. This helps in enhancing your credibility as customers usually tend to trust fed back from other buyers.

4. Do not forget to highlight the call to action

A call to actions can be an offer or slogan that asks for some type of action from customers. This button tells the customer what they need to know, what they need to do and where they need to go. Some good examples of call to action are- guaranteed satisfaction, free shipping, free returns etc. It should be ensured that call to action initiates within an ad unit and it should reiterate on the corresponding landing page. The user should be taken from the call to action to a specific page that was promised on the CTA. For instance, if you provide a CTA about a ‘free trial’ then the user should be taken to the page where they can sign up for it.

Also, a landing page should have clear notifications about pricing. It prevents users from exiting or bouncing off the page. You should keep your goals in mind and create a call to action that revolves around your goals. Another important thing to remember is that CTA is often accompanied by a button that users click to begin the process. You should select a bold color for this button. Red and green are good choices as they can be easily seen by the users.

5. Always test and track your landing pages

You can test your landing pages with the help of multi-variants testing. This helps you to find out the best combination for higher results. After all, when it comes to your landing page, it is imperative to know what works for you and what does not. You can also take help of effective tools like Live Ball, Website Optimizer, and Google Analytics. These are really very effective tools and provide you the detailed information about the good and best aspects of your website. With the help of these tools, you get to what your site is strong at and what it lacks in. Also they tell you where you need to focus more. The basic aim of every business is to increase the conversion rate. And testing can help you achieve just that.


If you have these 5 strategies in mind for your next product page, then you are well on your to creating something beautiful. Hope you enjoyed the article.

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