5 Reasons why People use their Phones for Business more than their Computer

Many experienced professionals would agree that in order to establish and maintain a successful business, one must take advantage of online platforms to reach out to their customers and future potential clients. While setting up a website for your business is effective in building connections with a larger audience, a business must also be able to keep in step with the ever-changing trends in technology. The best example would be the evident increase in the demand for smartphones and tablets over desktop and laptop computers in the past few years.

Thus, in order to maintain a constant connection with the consumers, businesses must be able to adapt by developing user-friendly websites specifically designed for mobile devices. For starters and even business owners who have been in the industry for years, developing a web page for mobile devices will definitely boost the online presence of your brand. Choose Melbourne Website Design by GMG, the leading digital advertising agency in Australia, to take your business to the next level.

If you are still undecided on whether you really need to market your brand through mobile web pages then read more about the 5 reasons why people use their phones for business more than their computers.

1. Consumers use their mobile phones more than their computers.

For the first time in internet history, mobile web browsing has surpassed that of desktop computers last year. StatCounter, a Dublin-based research company specializing in web traffic analytics, reported in late October 2016 that 51.3% of web pages were loaded on mobile devices while 48.7% of web pages were accessed through desktop computers. In other parts of the world, there hasn’t been any transition between the two platforms as there are fewer people who own desktop computers compared to mobile devices.

2. It is easier to address issues through mobile devices.

Whether it is a new client asking about a particular product or an employee needing to relay urgent information to his or her co-workers or even potential clients, having the ability to constantly communicate through the mobile phone can help resolve issues more quickly before they even become a bigger problem. By acting quickly to customer issues, you can guarantee better feedback too.

3. Location-based marketing is possible through mobile technologies.

With the majority of smartphones having a GPS (global positioning system) capability, you may be able to determine the approximate location of your clients. Using this information, your marketing team can tailor content and advertisements based on the customer’s geographic location.

4. Mobile phone browsing generates internet traffic too.

Mobile devices are no doubt easier and more convenient to use compared to laptop and desktop computers. Reading daily news, checking your social media accounts, watching videos, and browsing photos are just some of the things that mobile device owners do while going to work or during their break. More than a quarter of the total web pages were browsed using mobile phones by billions of users worldwide. This should be a convincing reason why you should invest in mobile marketing.

5. Mobile marketing and web designing are cost-effective.

Unlike other forms, mobile marketing and web design is cost efficient and is capable of generating faster returns on your investment. A successful mobile campaign relies on creativity, strategic planning, and systematic execution. In order to drive web traffic and sales, it is important to effectively convey your message to your target audience and to determine what products and services are patronized by your clients.

Featured image by Aaron Burden