5 Simple Ways to Make Money Online as a Designer

In today’s market, making money online as a designer isn’t as hard as everyone makes it sound. You just need to be grounded in your skill set, believe in yourself and market like a maniac. The internet is out there to help you, you just need to find your niche in the design industry and run with it. Whether you want to sell digital downloads, freelance for companies, build WordPress themes or setup training courses for others to learn from, you should put your head down and go for it. The sky is the limit when it comes to ideas and design.

So what is the purpose of this article? It has been written to encourage you to do some research if you feel you aren’t happy in your current position as a designer. So how do you make money online? Well let me show you 5 different opportunities that you can take hold of and skyrocket your income.

1. Write articles or tutorials for design sites

This is a popular one. A lot of design blogs reward their writers with commissions for each article that they contribute to the site. This fee can range from $50 to well over $500 depending on the content delivered. Articles and tutorials are wide spread all across the web and the one thing that distinguishes the lower ranked sites from the popular sites is quality. You need to deliver quality work and writing in order to receive good commissions. I know of some pretty wealthy freelancers that only write and contribute to publications. Don’t know where to start looking? Google: “Design blogs to write for”

2. Build WordPress Themes

Now a lot of designers and developers offer custom WordPress websites as part of their services and make a living off building sites for other people. Now why not step up your game and build a theme that you can sell as a product to thousands of people? Not sure that you could make money? Well some authors on the site Themeforest has made well over a Million Dollars in revenue from WordPress themes (Check out author stats here). Themeforest is the one marketplace that I am mentioning in this instance, but there are many more out there. Sign up and read the guidelines and get started.

3. Freelance from home

Now this is everyone’s dream. They wish to wake up any moment of the day and start working from home in their bath robes and slops. Sure a lot of people do it, heck that is where I started, but people have to realize that it ain’t a walk in the park. It takes some serious work, focus and dedication to make your freelance business work. Where you usually just focus on your tasks at hand, you now have to take care of Admin, filing, tax, clients, emails, work and much more. Not to even start talking about your social life. I have written a short guide in the past on starting your own freelance business from home. No, it might not teach you how to Get higher clicks on Adsense, but it will teach you how to start your own business.

4. Teach people your ways

Ever heard of Treehouse? Well Ryan Carson and the team did $3.2 Million last year and are aiming for a 300% increase in revenue this year. How? Well they teach people the skill sets that they want to learn. Anything from PHP, Photoshop, iOS apps, ruby on rails and more. They have members join at a fee and through that they gain access to different courses and features on the site. Treehouse is one of many websites that are setup to help people learn new skills. Remember that you don’t have to teach people coding, you can show them how to setup Photoshop documents, rasterize layers, add filters with image adjustments etc. It’s your choice what you want to teach them.

5. Build icon or user interface packs

Yes, there is money in helping designers do their jobs faster and more efficiently. With pre-made packs designers are able to complete their designs so much quicker as they don’t have to work from scratch. Any person will pay a fee to ease up his tasks in completing a project. This doesn’t matter whether it is for personal or commercial use. There are millions of icons available on the web, but putting together the right combination and outputting high quality, you will be sure to sell some of your products.


One of the most important things to do when looking to boost your income is market correctly. Call up some big shots and ask them whether or not they will give you an opportunity to write for them or to list some of your products that you have in your arsenal. The worst thing that could happen is them saying NO. You will never know until you haven’t tried for yourself.

Go out there and give it your best shot. Believe in yourself. You got this.

Jacques is an Entrepreneur and Founder of the An1ken Group. He recently launched a daily vlog on Youtube — JacquesvhTV. He started Creativeoverflow in 2009 as a hub for creatives. Connect with him: Jacquesvh.com - @Jacquesvh - Facebook - Instagram - Pinterest