5 Tips to Branding Your Business

In any business, branding is important as it makes one’s company edgy and competitive in the markets. A brand says so much about the business, like what are the products or services being offered and what should the customers expect from them. A brand is what differentiates an individual from their competitors. One requires defining their brand and this requires a branding strategy. This article by Packwire explains what one should consider when branding their business:

1. Be unique

It is very important to ensure that you have your own identity that is discrete and makes you stand out from your competitors. Avoid mimicking the look of big brands. Try and come up with your own brand that is unique. Many consumers are attracted to independent establishments as they are looking for something authentic or original.

2. Have a “voice” to reflect on the brand

One should come up with a voice for the business that reflects on the brand. This voice should be able to speak to the customer and the consumer is very aware of what to expect from the service or product. For any written communication, this voice should be applied. Also in the visual imagery whether online or off, the voice should be incorporated.

3. Branding packaging

Packaging serves the sole purpose of attracting the consumer attention. This is very key as it can determine whether a consumer buys the product or not. The product should be packed in such a way that it compels the consumer to pick up the product and have a look at it. When coming up with branding packaging, one should stand out, be simple, trigger emotional engagement and create iconic assets. There are various tools used in packaging designs and they include logos, colors, fonts, and description. Therefore an individual should know the relevant tools to use.

4. Know your consumers

It is very crucial to know your target market as this will help you know the right way to reach them. How you convey your service or product is determined by the potential customers. Knowing your personas will help you know the kind of media that they relate to and you can use it to reach out to them.

5. Consistent social media presence

With the advancement in technology, most people spend their time online on social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can sell your brand easily on these platforms. Once the social media presence has been established, you should maintain it by being consistent in posting about your brand from time to time. Blogging is also an important aspect when it comes to marketing and one can reach out to as many consumers as possible.

With these few steps, one can build their brand easily. It involves creativity and being innovative. For already established business, they can rebrand themselves in order to keep up with the competing markets. For those interested in rebranding, they can read an article by Packwire on rebranding.

Featured image by Brad Neathery

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