6 Ways To Make Money With Your New Drone

Flying a drone is becoming more normal. It is no longer an act that stuns people when you fly it in your locality. Everyone is getting used to the utility of a drone and having it around. There are several ways that you can utilize a drone to earn, some extra money or to make a full-time career out of it. Either way, depending on your country of residence, making money with your drone is no longer a tough job.

Let’s look at five different ways you can make this happen.

1. Photography

With the release of the GoPro Karma — the flying drone dedicated to photography, photography has ushered itself into new realities. Realizing the potential of expanding their photographic horizons, GoPro capitalized on building their own drone after seeing the success of companies like DJI in the drone space. Photographs speak a thousand words and what better way for the company that runs the action camera industry than getting into the aerial space photography space. Weddings and sports can be the key to astonish people by the beauty of aerial shots whereas, it can also be helpful in fields of broadcasting. Even as a freelancer, one can upload videos on sites like VideoToOrder.com as a way of making money.

2. Inspect & Survey

Drone photography is already playing vital roles in other important sectors. Be it a real estate inspection or for the purpose of surveying pieces of land, a bird’s eye view of the picture makes work a lot easier. If you’re passionate about drones, it would take some applications and permits to set up an aerial surveying company using drones, but you can make it happen. It will soon start to replace the need for aircrafts in areas of land surveying.

3. Life saving

The biggest example set by Delft University of Technology in utilizing a drone, was as a life saver — bringing drones into medical services for instant medical support and showed how instant help through the drone can save lives of victims facing cardiac arrest. Search operations and rescue missions can also be dealt with by easily incorporating a drone. You may become a personal investigator flying a drone!

4. Creativity to earn

Flying a drone is a new thing. There is no problem shipping this as a skill and grasping the opportunity of a career. Advertising firms are looking for new creative ways to bring uniqueness to their advertising. If you aren’t just a drone pilot, but also come across as a filmmaking enthusiast, this is an opportunity to embrace with open arms. Filmmaking enthusiasts may also find their way into new forms of expressing creativity with Youtube. Youtube is the most modern and competitive site to present new ideas and views. Presenting a drone video to make the outlook of one’s video unique would be great, especially if one aims to earn money through monetization.

5. Freelancing to next level

If you’re looking for a job and all you can think of is flying drones, opportunities aren’t lacking. Companies like DHL have recently started delivering their packages using drones, within short range. Ensuring proper delivery to the proper person needs a skilled drone pilot and the payment should be no less either. If you don’t feel that you want to be working under someone else, the newest way to prepare yourself to earn money is by racing drones. Drone racing is starting to blow up as a mainstream sport and will only get bigger and bigger as we look towards the future. Just like gamers are making money in competitions, drone racing may soon be an Olympic sport.

6. Drone Reviews

As drones are becoming more and more popular these days, and as more businesses are trying to find the best drones for their needs, the need for drone reviews are increasing. You can easily set up a drone review platform such as RotorCopters or DroneFlyers and start posting reviews on new drone products. If you can attract a good amount of readers to your website, online retailers and other drone businesses may even contact you to advertise their products on your website.

Opportunities using drones is comparatively a new idea to a lot of people, but if you’re interested, make sure you try and be as creative as possible. Take the opportunity at hand, especially before it becomes a saturated niche.

Featured image: Drones by Terry Rosema

I am Isabele Hernandez, a Gen-Y living in Pittsburgh. I graduated from University of Pennsylvania and now living in Pittsburgh. Now I am working as a Business Analyst at PNC Financial Services. Before entering college, I had the opportunity to work under the UNV program for 3 years. This led me to travel across 3 continents and collaborate with people from diverse cultural settings. Simplicity transcends happiness – the belief was further strengthened by my experience in these developing countries. I take great pleasure in calling myself a writer, fusing stories that help people take a positive attitude towards life while looking at life from different angles.