5 Web Design and Creativity Events and Meetups for the Rest of 2012

Staying motivated in the early parts of the year is often an easy task for business professionals given the still-recent New Year’s resolutions and the chill of winter in many parts of the world keeping you happily chained to your computer; it is the second half of the year, with its draw of beaches and vacations and long-forgotten goals, that often sees us needing a bit of a boost in the inspiration department.

If you’re looking to keep your creative web development juices flowing through the rest of 2012 then check out these five web design and creativity events and meetups that aim to do just that:

1. San Francisco HTML User Group

Web designers looking to stay on the cutting edge of new technologies such as HTML5 will benefit greatly from what the San Francisco HTML User Group has to offer. Meeting once a month, all year long, this huge group of professionals, entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts works together to teach, learn and build enthusiasm for both the present and the future of web design and development.

Grab some free food, network with friends and neighbors sporting the same interests and goals and even share your own projects, all in a setting that encourages innovation and inspiration!

When and Where:

2. Boston PHP

Offering a focus on PHP and other open source, web-driving technologies, this group of more than 2,500 web designers and developers converges on a Boston venue once each month in order to take part in talks on a wide range of topics of interest to any web professional. Unique and innovative presenters are often present, serving up inspiration and ideas as quickly as you can take note of them, and the informal invitation for food and drinks following each meeting offers a wonderful opportunity to build your contact list.

When and Where:

3. Technori Meetup Chicago

Entrepreneurs, designers, developers and tech junkies unite once every month in the Windy City in order to share ideas and create passion for technology and its business benefits at the Technori Meetup, a large but informal gathering intended to spur innovation and profitability. Permanent residents of Chicago, in particular, will appreciate the chance to mingle with their neighbors, bringing the city’s burgeoning technology community to the forefront and becoming inspired with new ideas, new potential business partners and new inspiration.

When and Where:

  • Recurring throughout the year
  • Chicago

4. Bay Area Game and App Development Group

San Francisco residents are invited to expose themselves to that other web that requires designers and developers: the world of mobile applications and internet-on-the-go! Gaming and mobile computing enthusiasts come together to create an atmosphere electric with fun and creative oomph and offering insight on what it takes to be a successful developer for the quickly evolving and growing mobile web. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, technology know-how or investors for your latest project, this eclectic gathering is sure to have exactly what you need.

When and Where:

  • Recurring throughout the year
  • San Francisco

5. New York Tech Mixer

Relax, stay casual and attend the quarterly Demos and Drinks events in New York City to mingle with the best and brightest that the Big Apple has to offer in the design, development and general technology community. With an atmosphere suited very well to encouraging networking and helping attendees to meet like-minded investors and partners, these events are an excellent way for anyone to better understand the new technologies helping to grow the web, making each and every participant better at what they do simply by attending.

When and Where:


Staying up-to-date and feeling confident in your abilities can be difficult in technological fields where nothing stays the same for more than a moment and immersing yourself in the people and places that know technology best is an unbeatable way to stay focused, inspired and on the ball all year round!

Ann Smarty is the experienced blogger, search and social marketer and owner of MyBlogGuest.com