50 Inspirational Cafe & Coffee Logos

I love coffee. It’s a source of inspiration in every part of my life. That’s why I’ve trawled through the web to find you these 50 inspirational cafe and coffee-related logos. You probably won’t be surprised to find that most of these cafe logos use earthy tones like red, black and the brown of a roasted coffee bean, or that the shape of the coffee bean and coffee cup are recurring motifs.

Go get yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy these logos from the world of coffee! Need a logo right now? Try Logaster – logo generator service.


I mentioned earlier that café and coffee logos share much in the way of form, but in my research I realized that where they differ is in the feelings they evoke in the viewer. Designers can use the same motifs — the ever-present coffee cup or bean — to convey an air of seriousness and attention to tradition for the coffee connoisseur to fun and lighthearted for the younger coffee-drinking crowd.

Let us know about any fantastic coffee logos we missed in the comments!

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