6 Google Lab Products You Can’t Afford to Miss

Would like to take a sneak peek into the mystic world of Google? Certainly, you will. So here is Google Labs, which, without any intention of gibing search engine major, is a collection of half-baked products. But wait, they are not insignificant additions rather they are the direct outcome of the experiments of some of the finest engineers and developers working at Google Inc. Google Lab is serving just as a testing room for these products before they are made public. So, take a look around some of the best and popular Google Lab products:

Google Body

Know your body with Google Body. It is basically a 3D rendering of the human body and it comes with zoom in, zoom out, anatomical layers and navigational features. You can make a search for organs, muscles or any other parts of human body with it and you will be in for a surprise. However, you need to have a web browser that offers support to WebGL before being able to view this interesting thing.

City Tour

Never trust a guide book while scouting a city in an expedition. But why? Simple, Google City Tour is here to help you. Why waste your time pouring over travel guidebook when City Tour is here. Just type the exact location of the place and you will get all that you need to make your journey hassle free.

Gesture Search

Why type when you can do by making gesture. Now if you are a proud owner of Android phone, this is something that you will hardly give a miss. You can search just by drawing gestures on the touch screen of your Android phone. It is fast and you will certainly find it extremely interesting.

Google Mars

Have you ever been to Mars? Well no pun intended. Google Mars is here to take you to Mars and that even without hopping in a spaceship. Just open Google Mars in your browser and you will get transported to the barren land of Mars. You can travel down to its unexplored Canyons, Ridges, Mountains etc. So what are you waiting for?

Picasa for Mac

Want to create some stunning photo galleries? Perhaps you just want to browse through your photos in a full screen lightbox mode. Well all this and more can be achieved with Picasa. This is currently the download for MAC users as Windows users have had the application for quite some time already. You won’t regret making this your default image browser.

Google Building Market

If you have a thing for building something truly big, Google Building Market is the thing that you might have been looking for a long. It is basically a 3D modeling tool with which you can make buildings to Google Earth. You just need to follow some simple steps to get your project done.

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