6 Tips to Help Improve Your eCommerce Product Pages

Good and impressive product pages play a crucial role in the growth and success of any eCommerce website. It can’t be denied that there are multiple poor eCommerce pages lying out there in the web and you would definitely not want to be one amongst them! Good product pages in your website not just have an effect on the conversion rate but they also help you climb up search engine rankings. There are various factors involved within an eCommerce product page development that can contribute to driving sales and required traffic.

So let us break down the top few ways that can help you tune up your product pages without actually letting you ‘overdo’ it –

Tip 1# Don’t miss out the ‘user reviews’

Reviews should be treated as one of the most crucial sales drivers and hence they should be genuine, logical, be making sense and easily digestible. They are the ‘short testimonials’ on your product page. Experience of the users mentioned in the review is also going to help first-time users gain an idea on the product and its possible usages.
It is believed that more than 60% of the users first read the reviews given on the product and then make a purchase decision. Important reviews from people who have used your product at least once, acts as valuable guidelines for all those who haven’t. If your product pages have everything minus the user reviews, make sure you include them as soon as possible.

Amazon is making the most of this ‘users review’ thing. I personally know some people who are in the habit of checking reviews of products on Amazon before making a decision whether to buy a product or not.

Below is an example of customer reviews section in Amazon:

Tip 2# Special attention on product images

Images (good or bad) affect buyers’ decision to a greater extent and it should be indicated that eCommerce product images have come a long way in the recent years. Now since one product can be clicked from various angles, it becomes important to find out the best vantage point for your products.
If you’re still doubtful, consider yourself a buyer and imagine how would have liked to view the same product online before making a purchasing decision. Different photos of the same product from multiple angles should introduce the product well to your prospective customers (visually). It is also advisable to have different photos of the same product in all the colours they are available in.

Next.co.uk is using big and high quality images to increase conversion and as far as the claims of the company is concerned, it is working fine.

Tip 3# Include demo videos

Videos can give the buyers a clear insight on the product. They can view the product in-use and find out how it works. Videos also suggest features clearly as the same may not be possible with images. It can also reduce the number of returns.

Blendtec.com has increased conversion from its product landing pages after incorporating demo videos that offer more details about the product in a visually interactive and engaging platform.

Tip 4# Clear info on delivery and returns

Customers want to be assured in terms of delivery and the possibilities of returns. Your page must convince them that if they don’t like it, whether or not they can return it and how they should be going about it. Your product page must suggest that you value their money and trust in your brand. This is possible by removing their doubts such as –
• How much is the delivery going to cost them?
• How easily can they return the product if there’s a concern?

Tip 5# Body Copy needs to be improved too!

Sales copy is often one of the neglected parts of eCommerce product pages these days – a lazy approach in this context can affect your sales negatively. You must pay special attention to your sales copy because –

  • It can also have multiple SEO benefits
  • Retailers can grab this opportunity for adding personal touch to the product description.
  • It will sell the uniqueness of your product by introducing your customers to the ‘real’ benefit your product can offer
  • It can let your product stand out from rest which means you can suggest ‘why we are different’

JohnLewis has done a credible job by trying to provide more information about the product in the body copy. ‘Product specifications’, ‘special offer’, ‘Editor note’ and the main body copy are all clubbed into one. Brilliant effort.

Tip 6# Live chat is equally important

Only a contact us page may not be sufficient when it comes to persuading the customers to make a positive decision on your eCommerce product page. If the buyer is planning to buy your product and needs some kind of assistance to make a decision as soon as possible then only a live chat can serve the purpose. Considering the sense of urgency online buyers usually feel, an ‘instant assistance’ is only going to move them a step forward towards making the final transaction.

You can also include ‘price match’ to convince the customers what makes your product a better choice when compared with your competitors. Lastly, in order to make sure that they are quick, persuasive, an effective call-to-action must be included. Let them know what they’re losing if they’re not making a decision NOW! Make your product look absolutely desirable and completely worthy.

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