6 Unusual Uses For Old Magazines

Are you guilty of hoarding old magazines? You’re not alone! Sometimes, our favourite glossy mags are too good to part with, but there’s no doubt that they can begin to take up more room than you can spare. So, if you’ve had a magazine subscription for a while, here are six unusual ways to use them!


Featured image: Ate by Ate Scrapbooking
Select cut-outs from magazines have some kind of meaning to you – for the image, the colours used, or the text within an article – and have a go at arranging them into a scrapbook. You might end up with a finished book that you can pass down to younger generations in your family to serve as a time capsule of life in the early 21st century!

Furniture Upcycling

Featured image: CraftHubs
Why not use your old magazines for a spot of decoupage? Decoupage is the act of cutting out pieces of art (in this case, beautiful images or inspiring passages of text in your favourite magazines) before applying them to an object and covering it with several coats of varnish to seal it. You can upcycle any piece of furniture in this way, so why not begin by trying it out on an old mirror, a set of drawers or even just a jewellery box?

Inspiration walls

You know how you’re forever adding inspiring images to your Pinterest boards? Why not create a real life inspiration wall? Dedicate an area of your home that you often look at (such as the wall opposite your bed), fixing on the most inspirational cut-outs from your old magazines. Whether it’s a travel destination, fashion accessory or featured home, pulling together an inspiration wall like this will give you the motivation to work towards achieving your dreams.

Quirky Wallpaper

Featured image by: House-Nerd
Take your most loved magazine issues and put them precisely where they belong for future reading… in the downstairs toilet! Using old copies as quirky wallpaper works best in small and unexpected rooms like this, meaning all you need to achieve a fantastic finish is a regard for the best reads at eye level. Your guests will never want to leave!

Garland decoration

If you’re living in a rental property it can be hard to decorate your space while honouring the conditions of your lease. So, why not use your old magazines and cut them into bunting triangles before stapling each one to a piece of string to create a fashionable garland? You could try cutting up your favourite Jimmy Choo or Chanel advertisements, securing the garland to the wall (gently – without leaving a mark!) to brighten up your space and add a little bit of luxury.

A gallery wall

Featured image: In the news blog
Do you have any issues of old magazines that contain iconic adverts? Carefully tear out the page and mount each advert into a classic black frame before arranging the finished pieces artfully on a gallery wall. This works best for truly memorable adverts, or magazines that are genuinely vintage: old artwork, typography and fashion make a great statement and look beautiful when placed in a stylised order with one another.

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