7 Amazing Resources to Enhance Your Photography Skills

If you think that a camera and a subject is all that is needed for capturing amazing pictures, then you are wrong. Apart from your motive, ambiance and subject, you would require a number of different instruments and editing softwares to give your pictures the professional touch. Capturing an image is just the tip of the iceberg, you need to invest ample amount of time for post-processing your images too.

That’s not all. In order to be in top of your game, you must brush your skills and add new ones as well. And one of the best way to pick up new skills, is by going through tutorials and practice materials.

So to help you out in your endeavor, we would be introducing few photography resources. These resources consist of different Photoshop actions and tutorials. So read on, and find out the different implications of these amazing Photography deals and Photoshop actions.

1. Street Photography tutorial

Street photography is all about capturing people and different elements of the street. Street photography lets you capture subjects from all walks of life in their natural state. And if you want to do it perfectly, you must master the art of photography under different lighting conditions. Also, you must be able to capture the raw emotions of people passing by. Sometimes, subjects don’t want to be photographed in their candid moments. This Street Photography tutorial teaches you the different ways of mastering the art of street photography. It also explains how you should approach your subjects whom you want to photograph. The tutorial even encompasses snippets from different magazines, and quotes of famous photographers, to let you know their personal experience and suggestions.

2. Introduction to night photography

Night photography, if done right, can be summed up in one word. BEAUTIFUL! Photography at night requires you to capture images in low light and sometimes dictate the use of artificial lighting sources. So you must pay attention and try not to over or under expose the subject. This free tutorial provides you an introduction to night photography. The Night Photography tutorial spanning 28 pages, shows you how you can capture star trails, moonrises, nightscapes and do even more. By going through the tutorial you would get acquainted with different lighting techniques and preferable camera settings for night photography.

3. Symufa Photoshop actions

Whether you are using your captures for your portfolio or for your client, you must process your stock images. During post-processing you would be using a number of different filters to provide a distinct hue to your image. But creating a custom filter from scratch can take up a lot of time. And when you have to deliver a number of images within a short span of time, this method is not at all feasible. And this is when Symufa Photoshop actions can come to your rescue. This freebie consists of 15 different Photoshop actions which you can use on your stock images. You can even edit these filters according to your requirement to get the desired outcome.

4. Capturing Grand landscapes

Nature is eternally beautiful in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you get mesmerized by the sheer enormity of an mountain, and sometimes you are awed by the intricate details of a flower. So, if you want to propagate similar experience to your audience, you must perfect landscape photography as well as macros. This tutorial focuses on two different approaches of landscape photography.

– Great landscape – This is the classical landscape photography technique. It explains the different techniques and gears required for capturing landscapes, mountains and other natural elements.

– Beyond great landscape – This approach emphasizes on macro-shots.

Once you have gone through the content of this tutorial on Landscape Photography, you would be able to successfully amalgamate both entities in a single frame. The tutorial also teaches ways to incorporate various visual elements like tree silhouettes and fog. This resource would definitely enhance your creativity and influence your approach of landscape photography.

5. Perfecting focus

You see a beautiful landscape. You reach out for your camera, implement the required settings, look through the eyepiece and take a snap. You find yourself fortunate for getting such an amazing shot. But the moment you take a look at the preview, all hell breaks loose. The element in the image is out of focus. And at this point of time, there is no way you can go back and recreate the same scenario. So mastering the art of focus is one of the most fundamental yet crucial techniques.

In this tutorial on Nailing Focus by James Brandon explains different professional setting by which you can click ultra-sharp images. The tutorial also talks about the different ways you can enhance the sharpness of an image during post-processing. This tutorial has some rave reviews and you should definitely check it out.

6. Perfecting portrait photography

Portrait photography is not, merely capturing the subject, its about capturing the subjects’ emotions. While shooting portraits you must look for ways to make your subjects’ reactions stand out. This cool freebie is collection of 10 interviews of favorite and famous portrait photographers and they explains the different techniques and equipments required to master portrait photography. It provides elaborate examples and techniques to make your subject stand out. This tutorial can be an eye-opener for you if you want to create portfolio of your clients.

7. DSLR cinematography guide

You would be under utilizing your DSLR, if you are using it only to capture stills. In this tutorial, Ryan Koo teaches you the different techniques for shooting videos on your DSLR. This tutorial on DSLR camera describes the basic gears that are required and explains in-depth the camera settings mandated for such shoots. Shooting videos in different locations and lighting conditions too are covered as a part of this tutorial. Don’t wait, download this free tutorial now.

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