7 Offline Activities That Drive Online Success

Having an online business does not indicate that you would only strive using efforts done online. With the help of offline activities, you are able to drive more success to your business on the web. Aside from attending business courses, here are other 7 promotional tactics done offline that can help you build higher return on investment than digital marketing. They might seem obvious at times, but not a lot of people make use of them like they should.

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1. Give Away Your Business Cards

Whenever you meet new people who may be interested and who are related to your niche, giving away business cards should be considered essential. Do not underestimate the power of these cards of you might just be forgotten after your initial conversation. No matter how old-fashioned these cards may seem, distributing them still holds more value than not caring at all. Remember to include your homepage’s URL to promote your website.

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2. Participate in Attending Events

In the online world, how you interact with people in related fields is by blog hopping and then commenting on the articles you mostly had the sense of connection with. In the offline arena, the first step to communicate with these folks is to find and attend seminars in your area and participate in them actively. These are the perfect avenues to build your network and tell people about your business. You may then direct conversations to your online activities.

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3. Be a Professor

Marketing is more about talking about the products and services you provide. In the same vein, teaching pupils is like marketing about your skillset and showing what you can offer. By incorporating your profile as a mentor or a professor, people will look up to you and they will trust you for your expertise. Make sure to build a good impression all the way and get high credibility as you deserve.

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4. Be a Public Speaker

Much like being a professor, speaking to the public crowd heightens your authority level as an expert. When people are drawn enough, expect an increase of traffic to your site as they will eventually search your name on the web. This offline activity populates interest on what you do online and create more confidence as well. This is also a good way to find out what these participants want and apply the topics to your blog.

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5. Research Materials in Your Local Library

The web does not contain most of the published resources ever written. A lot of good content has been documented in print and your local library is one of the good candidates where you can dig in this treasure of information. Opening up a discussion forum where you let people share their thoughts and ideas for content that has not yet been out on the web but published on book and magazines would be helpful to stir curiosity and attention.

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6. Go Out

You won’t meet people when you’re inside the home and you’re working offline. To connect to the world, why not go out on a sunny day to the park, to museums and galleries and to other places where you might catch interested people about your business? Make it easy for these people to understand what you offer by starting casual talks and then maintain a constant stream of new ideas for them. These will spice up their world. Make sure to gather feedback and use their contributions to direct your blog to an enhanced spin.

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7. Send Reminders

You can use your phone to make more personal conversations with your leads. You can call them and just drop an SMS to their mobile phone inboxes, to remind them about the event you will be heading or participating in. Find other ways to let them remember about you to boost overall attendance not only by physical meetings but also online later on.


Leverage your offline connections and network to help you gather related stakeholders to join into your online programs. By engaging and communication with people offline, you can target more audiences and drive them all to your blog, social media and other online activities.

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