8 Online Applications to Help with File Management

It would not be a secret to say, that nowadays we are forced to deal with the great amount of files of any kind – there can be documents, images, photos, multimedia files, etc. The communication and the business processes requires the files to be rapidly shared, edited and created. This means that the point factors today regarding the files staff is accessibility from just any part of the world, compatibility, when you can edit or view the files regardless your PC specs and sharing speed. In these circumstances the best way to work with the files is to use online services rather than desktop applications. In this article I’d like to present you the list of online applications (free applications, by the way, as the price always matter) which may help you to manage different type of files without the necessity to deal with installations files and other stuff. One more thing, this article is off-limits for monsters, which everybody knows about – Google Docs, JayCut, etc. The point was to find some alternatives for these applications.

Saving the trees using online document services

Let’s start with the most demanding thing – the document management. According to the latest studies more and more people, organizations and companies prefer to move their document workflow to the web rather than to manage them locally.

TeamLab Documents

In order to use the Documents module of the service you need to create your portal (TeamLab is developed as project management solution, but, for using Google Docs, for example, you need to create an account in Google Services, so, that is not the point). Well, after the portal is created you have an access to the Documents service. TeamLab Documents offers you a standard and so demanded set of editing features, just all the options you accustomed to use while word processing: the possibility to share the link to the document even if the person you share the document with is not assigned in TeamLab portal, the documents versioning, etc. TeamLab Documents is free of charge and you may work with your files importing them from Google Docs, Zoho y Box.net.


This free word processor is running directly in your internet browser. Shutterborg offers you the possibility to download the document you need to edit from the hard disc, from the web inserting the link to the file or create a new document. Working with this word processor you also don’t need to install or adjust any sort of application. As with most word processors, it allows you to adjust the text, fond and color. Links and images can be placed within the text.

Simple life sounds better

Well, when the work is done and your documentation is well organized the time to your hobby comes. Sometimes we need to cut some audio track you make a ring tone out of it or to edit it with simple effects to make it louder, for example to put it on your mobile phone, etc. As you know, to install and work with the classic Audio Editor may take a lot of time and the process always depends on the specs of your PC. So, an online audio editor may solve your problems.

Audio Editor Myna

With Myna you can remix your audio tracks, apply effect, record your own voice or perform an auto-correction. Being a web-based application is very capable even for professional use.

FileLab Audio Editor

The usage of this application requires the installation of 10-20kb plugin, which takes several seconds. After the plugin is installed you may load audio track in the program and start using the application. I should say that FileLab Audio Editor is quiet intuitive and even the novice can edit the files without any difficulties. Note, that in order to use the service you need to log in with Google, Facebook o Yahoo account.

Filming every moment

Now, when the holidays have passed you surely have a big amount of homemade videos to edit and send the results of your work to friends and family. In this case you may need to use video editing program or application. Let me suggest you a good and intuitive solutions for you.

FileLab Video Editor

This online video editor gives a possibility to work with various video formats, to edit your videos with transitions, video effects and even save your videos with the parameters necessary for further sharing.


Working with Pixorial you may create your own personal online video library. This online video editor permits you to combine videos, ass transitions and titles. After the video is edited and created you may share the video via such social networks as Facebook and Twitter, email it or order a DVD copy.

Freeze the moment

The last type of files, I’d like to highlight in this article, is photos or image files.


Online application is used to both modify and create images online. Splashup provides users with the interface that makes it quick and simple to modify any image from your computer or the web. In addition, Splashup allows you to edit images taken directly from the web camera, which differs it from the others applications of this kind.


Pixlr has a very similar to Photoshop interface, so, this would be quite easy to jump from the desktop application. Pixlr has more refined features when it comes as individual tool, it also includes the magic wand tool.

These tools will not only simplify your life a bit, but help you to keep track of everything as well.

Maria Kireeva is a product manager, blogger, technical writer and copywriter, specializing in IT. She is editor at Photo Software & Design Blog.