A Blast from the Past – The Evolution of Students [Infographic]

Students constantly get jibed about their laid back lifestyle of going out, hanging with friends, and a bit of work thrown in here or there, but what was it like when their parents went to university? Were they party animals as well? Now, thanks to Endsleigh Insurance, you can find out exactly what different generations of students got up to, from how much their tuition fees were, to what their favoured drink was.

Endsleigh have gathered data from a recent NUS survey, and have put it into a fascinating, interactive graphic for your viewing pleasure. It allows you to understand what everyday life was like for the students of the day, and for those who went to university it’s a nostalgic return to their youth.

The animated infographic was inspired by lifestyle, music and fashion from each decade:

  • The 70s are all about big hair and bigger platform shoes with David Bowie on the radio and free university education for all!
  • The 80s see neon and leather and the rise of video games, with Space Invaders and Pacman popular amongst the teens of the day.
  • Fast forward to the 90s and we’re greeted by a Gallagher brother, Britpop inspired parker wearer and the introduction of tuition fees.
  • The noughties saw skater shoes and the rise of technology, with mobile phones becoming practically attached to most student’s hands.

The illustration was given a light-hearted design to communicate the message in a fun way. CSS, HTML5 and jQuery were used to execute the piece, giving it great flexibility and some great animations.

The colour palette used is excellent, with each page representing the colours from that era. Open up the different icons and you’ll be met with a clear pop up giving you key facts and figures about the different categories, from the cost of going to university in that era, to the price of beer, the technology that was available and the cringey dance moves, which can probably still be found in many drinking establishments to this day!

It’s clear from the infographic that student life has changed dramatically over the years. Students in the 70s would be unrecognizable to students today, and this graphic not only showcases the evolution of students, but also society as a whole showing the trends of the times.

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