A Comprehensive Guide on How to Behave on Twitter

Some months ago, a famous tweet was often distributed, highlighting perfectly the current situation of the most used social networks: “Facebook is for colleagues you have in school, Twitter is for people you want to be colleagues in school”. Even if Twitter didn’t reach the huge level of expansion of Facebook, its potential is amazing and many experts are still exploring new ways of obtaining advantages from it. The idea behind this social network is simple: anyone is free and welcomed to create an account, use a limited space to describe himself and that’s all, from there the road to glory is only 140 characters length.

Users who are offering useful and interesting tweets will be appreciated by the Twitter community and step-by-step they will be followed by many other users of the network. More exactly, anyone can follow anyone, but no one will follow someone that has nothing worthy to say. The common “twitterer” may be followed and his tweets are inserted in the timetable of the people who are following him, but also anyone is free to follow which account seems most interesting to him.

Twitter is very interesting mostly because of its marketing & advertising powers. The classic example of revealing the usefulness of the network is the account owner that has thousands of followers – any of his tweets could be enjoyed by the same amount of people and in the most cases it’s about a good part of them. A blog owner may have brought a huge traffic by wisely promoting the posts on Twitter. It isn’t just amazing, it will also contribute to an increase in the quality of the posts, once somebody doesn’t tweet cool facts he may be unfollowed; in this context, to have a great number of followers is a challenging situation.

Even though Twitter was launched in March 2006, the model of a good user was sketched and adopted by many users; nowadays, we could talk about an unofficial guide on Twitter that has as immediate consequence a decent to big number of followers. Fortunately, this kind of behavior isn’t quite different from what is recommended to do in reality, therefore it isn’t rocket science to obey this model.

Here I have presented some basic tips that, by respecting them, assures any user the chance of being successful. The matter of success is more complex and it needs a deeper treatment but barely following these one could gain more than 126 followers that is the average on Twitter.

1. Offer just useful tweets

The perfect Twitter user offers only useful and interesting tweets, it’s the simple and safe way to assure that no one will unfollow and daily some people will become interested in having the messages from you in their timetable. To find the full value of this idea, it is better to ask yourself why are you following someone, are you doing it just because you have randomly chosen or does he say something interesting? Undoubtedly, the value of tweets is capital in being a good twitterer.

2. Schedule the tweets efficiently

Offering the best on the web is still not enough to be the perfect model on Twitter, followers need constantly more and more quality tweets. A good user of the network knows how to schedule his tweets in a manner that doesn’t annoy people interesting in his contribution and don’t fall to the other extremity by letting days until launching a new tweet.

A real help in scheduling the tweets in order to be received by more people is to use any application that can be easily found just with few clicks.

3. Assure an interesting mixture of tweets

A good twitterer shouldn’t only post useful tweets; he must create an interesting mixture. It’s true, any interesting post deserves to be read by many people but Twitter is recognized as a place where people can get help from unknown people or where they could promote their affair. To obtain the best from Twitter it is necessary to create a balanced report between cool links, promotional messages, helping tweets and so on.

4. Marketing is different from toxic and annoying tweets

Using Twitter for promotional reasons is wise while using it intensively for such purposes is brand suicide. A good user of Twitter doesn’t behave as a spam machine, to promote hourly the same item from the portfolio, in just a few days all the followers will stop to be interested in the same boring links. It’s a grave sin to act in this manner and these toxic tweets aren’t recommended.

On the other hand, Twitter is the realm of online advertising and it’s stupid not to benefit from it; the main difference is to promote it smartly. A good idea is to create the mixture debated at the previous point and from time to time to insert a link to the website promoted. Briefly, any kind of advertising must look as a “natural tweet”, anything that is artificially created is quickly punished by followers.

A reduced number of rules surely make anyone believe that it is simple to be appreciated but in fact these four ideas comprised the entire essence of the network and it really requires a respectable effort to attract followers and keep them.

Lief is one of the creative designers at DesignArticleWriters, he love to play with tools commonly useful for designers and media lovers. You'll find him playing with Photoshop, Youtube and Youtube to mp3 in his free time.