A Guide to Creating the Most Inspiring Facebook Ads

In today’s competitive world of business, it’s not simply enough to just have ads on Facebook; they have to be inspiring enough to cause a user to click through. And while that might not seem very difficult on its face, the way Facebook is laid out today demands a higher quality from an advertiser’s end than ever before.

Users are sick and tired of the same-old, same-old. If you want to attract attention with your ads, they have to be compelling. They have to be unique, bright, and perhaps maybe even a little bit quirky and daring. Most of all, however, they have to be professional and they have to be engaging.

Four Must-Use Advertising Tips for Facebook

Expand Your Audience

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One of the best parts about advertising on Facebook, as you’re probably well aware, is that it’s ridiculously easy to set up and launch your ads. Everything’s handled via a simplistic interface that allows you to select different options, like bids, budgets, duration, and, most importantly, your audience. The tip here is to adjust and expand your audience accordingly. Why is this a advanced tip for Facebook advertising? Because it’s not as simple as it sounds. It’s a careful blend of creative tweaking to expand your niche without overshooting it!

Say, for example, that you’re advertising for online college classes with an emphasis on photography. Do you know what you’re looking for? Most are going to advertise to the usual suspects: over 18, photography enthusiasts, those seeking to further their education, etc. You want to expand even further by making the most of “photography.” Expand your audience without going outside of it. In other words, use every possible instance of photography/photo/pictures you can think of. Another tip here to keep track of tweaking and what ads are running, you could use a system like Qwaya.

Be Visually Stimulating
Ads that are visually stimulating simply attract the most attention. Take one of FedEx’s most popular Facebook ads as an example. They show a picture of a FedEx truck traveling on the road, and the back of the truck is painted to give the illusion that the FedEx truck is hauling two UPS trucks. Similarly, a popular Clorets ad targets bad breath by showing a fish coming out of a woman’s mouth in place of her tongue. The illusion is seamless and thus creates a very stimulating and compelling ad.

This is the type of visual stimulation that you should be aiming for in terms of your photo. But don’t walk away just yet. There’s still the text left to deal with.

Your Text Matters

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There used to be an old myth floating around that less text was better for your text-based ads. Well, most people bought into this hook, line and sinker. However, the idea behind text in your ads is to be specific and compelling. You want to give the meat of the subject and then proceed with a strong call to action. What you want to avoid are making bold claims and promises.

For proper text, check out this text for an improper ad dealing with sunglasses: “Our sunglasses are the cheapest on the Internet. We guarantee it!”
A more proper way to write the text for this ad: “We carry a wide selection of affordable, high-quality sunglasses. Come browse our wide selection of affordable sunglasses.”

Test and Test Some More
You have to use the tools at your disposal if you want to be successful, and this means that you must test and track your ads. The simple fact is that not every ad is going to do well. Track what you send out, see what’s doing well, and make changes or dump an ad based on the responses it’s getting. And just when you think this tip is over, it’s just starting!

After you test and find that some of your ads are doing well, test them some more! Find out more about them. Continuously tweak your ads every day. Swap them out after they’ve had a good run. Keep things fresh and exciting.

Facebook attracts business like no other site online right now, so always be prepared to take full advantage of that. Create compelling ads and hone them for effectiveness using the tips listed above.

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This article is written by Craig Robinson, editor at Qwaya.com – A Facebook Ad manager tool. Craig is currently located in Sweden in the north of Europe. Craig is 30 years of age and besides writing about social media and Facebook, he enjoys painting and visiting new cities and places to discover exciting architecture. Follow Craig on Twitter here and on Facebook here.