A Roundup of the 7 Best Invoicing Apps for Freelancers

It goes without saying that it is important to maintain a record of everything – especially money. After all, you do want to get paid. For this reason, you may wish to indulge on these invoicing tools, which do not require any downloads. Accessing your account, no matter where you are, is as simple as accessing the application, which makes it much easier to handle your invoices and receive your payments as scheduled. The majority of these applications double as task managers, making it a very “nice to have” application. Keep in mind that many of these apps come with free versions and paid versions. However, if you are looking for invoice templates to setup your own invoice system check out hloom.com for free invoice templates.

1. LessAccounting ($0 – $20 per month)

The first among the list is LessAccounting, which allows you to both send invoices and track them. additionally, it comes with the ability to track your banking data in a collaboration with a money-management app, Wesabe.

2. Freshbooks ($0 – $149 per month)

This is, of course, another way to invoice your advertisers and similar clients. Freshbooks comes with a few other features included, such as document branding, support ticketing, the ability to send invoices by way of snail mail and time sheets.

3. Blinksale ($0 – $49 per month)

One of the major distinguishable traits Blinksale has to offer is its user-friendly interface and its generally neat looking design. It comes with the ability to use CSS in order to design the look of your invoices and also collaborates with an application called Basecamp in order for you to obtain your client lists with a greater efficiency. Similar to the majority of these listed applications, you are able to send recurring invoices, which can ultimately help with instances of expenses such as for domains or hosting, which you might forget about.

4. SimplyInvoices ($0 – $25 per month)

SimplyInvoices collaborates alongside with Blinkside and is a similar program to Blinksale. There are not quite as many features, but it also comes at about half of the price per month.

5. Cashboard ($0 – $140 per month)

Compared to the other applications presented in this list, Cashboard is definitely among one of the strongest. It integrates itself with Basecamp, has plenty of customers, has been around for quite awhile and comes with numerous features; not only does it effectively handle invoicing, but it also effectively takes care of estimating expenses, time tracking and just about everything else in between – but it does, of course, come at a bit of a price.

6. SimplyBill ($5 – $25 per month)

SimplyBill is a bit of a misnomer in this situation, as it comes with features outside of “simply billing” clients for money. For example, it comes with customizable invoices, quotes, templatea and includes timetracking, which can be integrated onto your desktop. Overall, it looks like a neat and solid application.

7. InvoicePlace ($0 – $32 per month)

Truth be told, InvoicePlace is not technically targeted towards freelancers in need of sending out invoices to clients, but it does come with everything you might be looking for, along with much more. To illustrate, it comes with the ability to bill clients in nearly twenty varying currencies, and it also comes with much more total control over the way your invoices work.

These aren’t the top 7 invoice applications in the world, there are hundreds of applications and everyone has their own opinions. So which application are you using?

This guest post was written by Tom Walker who designs and blogs for a supplier of OfficeJet inks, toners and paper. You can read more of his work on the topics of print media, advertising and the arts on their blog.