A Web Builder For Everyone (Even Your Granny And Her Knitting Club)!

Web design just got a whole lot easier for your granny and her knitting club with the launch of site123.com.

A quote pulled from site123 claims that it is “the easiest, the simplest and the fastest free website builder out there.” Is this true?

The Process

To find out, I went through their (very quick and easy) process of building a website. Allow me to break it down for you and to find out whether this website builder holds up to its name.

Step #1 – Choose Category
The first step is as simple as selecting a category for your website. They have made 20 categories available, with 100’s of sub-categories, ranging from hedge funds, to script writer, to church, to tech lab. The category selection is actually so broad that I can guarantee that you’ll find one that suits you. For the sake of the review, I went with the very general category of blog.

Step #2 – Site Info
Step two focuses on the basic information behind your website like site name, slogan, contact info, etc. I decided to put my creativity aside and went with Andy’s Reviews for the site name and the best review site on the web for the slogan.

*Once you’ve completed step #2, the web wizard builds your site. It took all of 20 seconds for me.* If you didn’t know how to create a website, now you won’t have any problems to do it yourself.

Step #3 – Customize
This is the part of the process that gets fun. For how simple this whole process is, the amount of customizable features is really amazing.

  • Homepage: You have the options of customizing text, font, logo, background image, opacity, and text position.
  • Pages: Do you want to add a page for video? Done. Donations? Done. The team? Done. I added 15 with no issues.
  • Design: This is where you can really get creative. There are 13 different layout options, the pages style can be customized (color schemes etc.), the fonts and text can be played with, the menus can be adjusted, and links to social can be added.
  • Settings: You might be thinking something important is missing, like SEO or terms and conditions. But don’t hold your breath. SEO meta tags can be added, as can terms and conditions, privacy policy, and cookie consent. Site123 has also integrated with some handy plugins like Facebook Pixel, Tawk live chat support, and Google analytics, just to name a few.

Step #4 – Publish
Hit publish, and you’re live! Easy as that. Of course, changes can be made once you’ve published.


Site123.com has 18 unique features listed, but I’ll cover only the ones I feel are most important.

Free Hosting
Site123 uses secure content distribution network (CDN) servers spread across the globe to store their websites, making loading times quick and painless.

Free Image & Icons Library
A big selection of royalty-free images and icons are available for use to all customers. Not only will this make your site look good, but you won’t have to worry about having your content spread around too many places.

If you’re selling anything at all, site123 accommodates eCommerce by allowing you to link your PayPal account. Sell away!

24/7 Website Support
Site123 has round’ the clock human support available to answer any questions and solve any potential nagging issue.

Multi-Device Optimization
Once your site is published, it is automatically optimized for PC, tablet, and mobile.


The service is free if you’re okay with 500MB storage and 1GB bandwidth. If not, the Pro package is a very reasonable $9.80 per month and includes:

  • 10GB storage.
  • 5GB bandwidth.
  • Domain connection.
  • Manage web form messages via your email.
  • Remove the floating “Powered by SITE123” tag.


After using the service myself, I’ve decided that site123.com very much deserves the label of “the easiest, the simplest and the fastest free website builder out there.” I was more than happy with the final product and enjoyed the quick and pain-free process leading up to it. Literally, anyone can use this, even your granny and her knitting club, but the result is a professional and clean looking website that even Zuck’s would approve of.

If you’re in the market for a new website or want a simpler and easier solution than your current site, I would strongly recommend you check out site123.com.