Apple Launches New iPad

Apple has finally unveiled their latest creation, the new “iPad.” Weighing in at a mere 1.5 pounds (0.7 Kg) and 0.5 inches (12.7mm) thin the iPad is pretty easy to carry around and use. Basically a up scaled model of the Ipod Touch the iPad does a few things that your Iphone can do and a few things that your Mac can do. Now you have  a new way of browsing the internet in the comfort of your own home or anywhere a matter of fact.

The iPad is already capable of running 140000 applications that are available in the app store, all you have to do is download them from the Apple App store on your iPad and your ready to run. If you have applications already downloaded for your Ipod Touch or Iphone you can just sync them to the iPad via your Mac or PC and they will work fine, you can run them in their original sizes, seeing the iPad has a much larger screen surface than the Ipod or Iphone, or you can size them to fill the screen. Apple Developers are working on applications specifically designed for the iPad to incorporate its latest features and capabilities.

applications application 2

iPad’s Screen:

The high-resolution, 9.7 inch LED-backlit, IPS display on iPad is remarkably crisp and vivid. Which makes it perfect for web browsing, watching movies, or showing off photos. It’s also been designed to work in any orientation — portrait or landscape. And because it uses a display technology called IPS (in-plane switching), it has a wide, 178° viewing angle. So you can hold it almost any way you want, and still get a brilliant picture, with excellent color and contrast. – Quoted from Apple




With that being said, I am definitely going to be standing in line to get one of these, as a designer I’m always up for testing and buying new gadgets. What about you? Are you going to put your hand in your pocket to get one of these? Check out the unveiling of the new iPAD by Steve Jobs(Apple CEO) below.

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