Article Promotion, Is it Really Worth it?

I have finally written my last words for the article, it is now completed. Time to setup the tags and then publish my post. I am not even going to schedule it because I’m so excited to promote it. 1 Hour later with a couple of Social Media Sites, Emails, IM Messages and Tweets, My article is promoted. WAHOOO

Was it all worth it? HELL YES IT WAS.

Promoting your own article is the only way to go if you are really passionate about what you do, you will end up spending quite some time preparing the promotion links and sending them off to all the recipients out their, but it is definitely worth the trouble.

Some of us have more connections than others and that puts you in the position to have your article on every front page of every social media site, which isn’t a bad thing of course. My main purpose of this article is to actually bring together the community and have people help vote articles for the world to see. If we help each other, it isn’t just about exchanging links and votes, it builds trust, friendships, relationships etc.

I have quite a few people that I send links to and that I have gotten to know over the past few weeks and I can truly say all of them will help me out with anything anytime and so will I.

Their has been quite a few blogs that have started up in the last while and to promote those articles on the different blogs we have started to build a circle of people that help us in promoting the articles, ex.

I will send 10 people a short description/note and include this link –

The link contains all the info and necessities to successfully vote up a article in the mentioned social sites. It takes about 3 minutes to vote up all the links and tweet the article. After which I reply to the email stating I have voted up the links for him and he should have a good day, or sometimes I write up thoughts of the article. It depends on what it is and if I have the time to do so.

Wouldn’t you want your articles voted up by people that you just send the links to? I know what you are thinking, is it really that easy?

Let’s start off with a different approach here. Are you willing to help other people vote up their articles if they were to send you the links?

Leave your Name and Email address where people can send their links to below for you to vote them up, from there you can reply on that email address if you have some QUALITY links that needs promoting. Through this we can build up contacts and start friendships from all across the world.

QUOTE: Chris Thurman (VisualSwirl)

If we are blindly voting up posts and promoting links just because, we’re not really serving the bigger design community. The best service would be to vote up only quality content and help those who may need assistance in writing that content (not by votes but by suggestions). I read an article the other day about blog alliances that really hit home. I’m not sure on the link but basically it said that helping each other with suggestions for better content will take you farther than a few votes on a social network. If you create an article that will be retweeted by a lot of people organically, it means it really is something someone wants to read.

If you aren’t happy with leaving your email address, just leave your comment on the article itself or perhaps where users could contact you.


Leave your Name and Email address – only if you are willing to help promote articles and links.

If you want me to help you out in promoting articles or tutorials or anything for that matter, my email address is // Another person that you could send some links to and expect some from is Jeya from Media Militia his email address is

Remember if you want someone to help you, be prepared to help them.

Let’s build up a great community.

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