Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality Games

Virtual Reality has slowly stepped into the scenes. Such that everything that we do is now slowly evolving around virtual reality. Be it the games we play or the exercises that we do, we are slowly but surely stepping into a whole new world.

However, despite this fact, there’s also still the aspect of augmented reality. Such people tend to confuse the two terms. Though they may be a bit a similar, there still are major differences between virtual reality and argumentative reality. But these are not the only types of reality that they are. As we also have what is called mixed reality.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a complete immersion experience that transports the user or the player into a whole new world. Such that even playing the game the player is taken into the game as is.

Take for instance play Virtual Reality best online casinos nz games the player will be escorted into the Virtual Casino where they can play as well as interact with the rest of the players.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality or AR adds digital elements to a live view offered by using the camera or the smartphone. Such that the players surrounding are the same but AR will be adding certain aspects to the surroundings using a device like a smartphone. Popular games that come with

AR include Pokemon go where the player had to use their phone to find the Pokemon at visit website but this does not mean that the Pokemon was actually there in physical Augmented.

What is Mixed Reality?

As one can tell from the name, Mixed Reality is a combination of both AR and VR. Such that it gives players the ultimate experience. Mixed reality is just starting to take off and we are sure to expect a whole lot more fun. As one can only imagine how amazing VR and AR games will be when combined.

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