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FreeHand Tutorial: How to Create CMYK/Rainbow Colored Text

Text effects can make or break a logo. One such effect is a rainbow or ‘CMYK’ text effect. Panasonic use this to great effect on their ‘Built-In Genius” logo (seen at the bottom of their homepage).

Here’s a logo I created for Panasonic’s Insider community forum (using the same style):

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a simple CMYK effect like the one I used above. This how to guide will show you how to apply this effect to the word ‘Rainbow’ using Adobe FreeHand.

Step 1

The first thing is to use the typing tool to make your word. I chose a scripted font that suits rainbows, Jellyka Western Princess, but pick anything you like. Something thick and bold will work best, but anything will do.

To make our text a little more rainbow like I’ve made a circle with the circle tool and attached the text to the path

Step 2

Then you’ll need the text to be a path rather than editable text. Use “convert to paths” in the text menu or “Ctrl-Shift-P”

Okay so now you’ve got some text in a path, great, select it and go to the modify menu; combine & union; you might need to ungroup it first. Now all the shapes you’ve made can be edited as if they were one.

Step 3

Well this isn’t a very colourful rainbow so let’s open the Assets window and select some colours. Use shift and the mouse cursor to select a spectrum of colours together; let’s say 10.

Step 4

Now make a rectangle with the rectangle tool; Large enough to cover the text you’ve made. To send it behind your text press Ctrl+Shift+Down. Using your Object window fill the rectangle with a radial gradient.

Step 5

Now you have the colours you want and the text to fill. Select the object’s fill in the object window and you’ll see the gradient bar of colour underneath. Drag and drop your colours from the asset window into the bar in order. Squeeze up the or move around the colours for the effect your going for; I’ve skewed my radial shape to mimic the curve of the text.

Step 6

Now, position your rectangle so it’s content will fill your text the way you want. Cut the rectangle by right clicking and selecting ‘cut’ or select it and press ‘Ctrl-X’. Okay here we go, select your text and press “Ctrl-Shift-V” or you can find in the edit menu paste contents.

The Result

As a result, we have some text filled with a colour gradient. A rainbow in a rainbow!