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40 Inspirational Photography Logos

Creating a logo for a photographer is an interesting experience. As a creative, albeit a different kind, a photographer is likely to have more ideas and want to have more input on the process than most other clients. You’ll no doubt have to talk them down off the cliff on some ideas, and yet they’ll likely have enough design knowledge to talk you out of some ideas. A logo has to portray the business at hand and having matching business cards for your brand is very important.

Check out these logos for some inspiration, where other designers and their photographer clients have come to some consensus. Also, you can go to Logaster and find out more information about creating photography-logos.


Often you’ll find that photography logo roundups include many pieces that riff on the motifs of the camera itself, rolls of film or other field-specific items. And while you’ll find a bit of that in this roundup, most of these logos do away with the typical trappings and go in new directions. Leather textures, for instance, are not something you’ll generally associate with photography but can be found in this article.

Now is certainly the time for photographers to take another look at their branding and consider a do-over: is it too dependent on clichéd motifs and needs an upgrade to something more unique to stay competitive?

Got your own favorite photography logos? Let us know about them and the designers behind them in the comments.

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30 Creative Resume Designs Able to Land a New Job

For a designer, a resume must be more than a list of work experience and education. It needs to be a well-crafted document that gets your design skills across as much as your experience. You can work off resume templates or you could go about designing one yourself. If you were to go the personal route, it would display your capabilities of layout and color combinations straight off the bat. Just as these resume examples do.