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Your Facebook business page and the positive effect it can have on your business

Whether you’re in the hospitality industry, online retail, advertising, the fitness industry or you’re a legal professional, we all have one thing in common: we all want to reach out to as many new clients as possible.

We want to drive traffic to our websites, we want to improve our relationships with our clients, we want to create new leads – you can check out lawyer marketing facebook here – we want to improve our customer services and establish ourselves as industry experts. It sounds like a tall order, but did you know that you have the potential to do all of these things, probably in the palm of your hand?

When we think of Facebook, it’s difficult to separate overshares and images of highly polished influencers with a successful business. But believe it or not, this social media platform can have a positive impact on your business and can help you achieve all of your company goals. Want to find out more? Read on to discover more about the positive effect that Facebook can have on your business.

It’s a cost-effective marketing solution

Think of marketing and you’d be right to picture TV and radio ads, ads in your local paper, direct mail marketing and even cold calling practices. All of these have the likelihood of being successful, however, they’re hugely expensive and there’s no guarantee that you’re even targeting the correct market. When you use Facebook as a marketing tool you’re getting a tailor-made marketing solution that’s not only cost-effective but it’s a lead generator that works!

You can get to grips with analytics

In addition to the point above, when you use Facebook as a marketing tool and take full advantage of their targeted ad campaigns. You also get to delve into the stats and analytics of your campaigns. Facebook Insights is ideal for those of us who aren’t necessarily tech-savvy, and as a business owner, the kind of data you can find out about your company is priceless. From page engagement to page likes, visits and the reach of your posts. All of this is wholly valuable information.

You can boost your brand

These days, the first thing many consumers do before they make a purchase is to search through the social media pages of the business in question. If your Facebook page is poorly run, with questions and comments left unanswered or it’s been inactive for quite some time, it could be enough to turn off any potential client. When your Facebook page is engaging with clients and inquiries, replying to comments on posts, regularly posting varied content such as videos, photos, polls, and competitions, it builds a sense of trust and helps you create a stronger looking brand.

It can send traffic to your website

Simply put, the more website visits you get, the more positive signals are sent to search engines who ultimately influence your positioning on their results. When you post on your Facebook page, it’s important to include links to your website – it doesn’t always matter how many likes or shares you get on your posts, its website clicks you want!

5 Tips for Designing a Creative Storefront Sign

A storefront sign is an essential marketing component for any retail store. It is an avenue for you to communicate and guide potential customers to your business. Most retail signs contain details such as the store’s name, the products or service offered, the operating hours, and even discounted deals. Still, acquiring a properly designed and persuasive sign for your store to attract passersby can be a challenge. This article will highlight some useful tips and guidelines to get compelling signage:

1. Sign Graphics

Having a sign or symbol on your sign is more appealing to using just words. You need to choose the best graphics should have the right context of your business to convey the necessary message. You can use a display of your product, such as your business logo or a symbol of your products. For example, you can use the words automotive store and a tire and wrench sign. If you are not sure of the graphics to use for your store’s sign, you can get assistance from a sign specialist like Humble Houston Sign Company. Sign specialists have the expertise needed to craft appealing designs for different storefronts.

2. The Size of the Sign

When picking the size of your signage, you need to consider people’s attention span and visibility. The poster should be short and clear to grab the attention of your targeted customers and offer a simple reading experience. Additionally, the sign needs to be noticeable from a distance to help clients looking for your products. The signage does not have to be extremely large, only a size that is visible from across the street.

3. It Should Appeal To Clients

The signage’s curb appeal is one of the vital aspects of bringing in clients. It would be best if you had a sign with the right message to grab the potential client’s attention. It can be as simple as a chic design for female buyers or colorful details for kids. You can also include baiting words like ‘deal,’ ‘sale,’ or ‘free’ on your sign. In case you use a baiting word, make sure the offer is real to avoid spoiling your store’s reputation.

4. Use the Right Fonts and Signs

The overall purpose of a sign is to attract more clients. For this to happen, you need to keep the client’s preference in mind when designing the poster. Some symbols and fonts may be appealing to you but come out as weird or offensive for the buyers. Therefore, it is advisable to use a legible font and relevant symbols on your retail signage.

5. Test the Sign

When you set up a storefront, it is crucial to monitor its effectiveness by checking the leads it generates. You can ask one of your employees to assess the reaction of passersby when they read the sign. If more people seem disinterested and walk away, then you might need to change the sign. On the other hand, if more sign viewers walk into your store, then you can keep your retail signage.

Best virtual reality apps for 2019

A lot of people out there tend to think that virtual reality is only for video games, films, and casino online America games. However, this is not true as recent developments show an increase in VR apps. In this article, we focus on a few of the best virtual reality apps for 2019.

This stop-motion VR film is truly breath-taking, telling the story of a young girl living in a cloud-borne village. In this app, you can decide to be the camera. That way, you get to explore the beautiful world, while ignoring the main storyline, if you wish. Allumette is not a game but rather a narrative. None of the characters in this narrative can speak well, although they can convey emotions and intent using noises.

This story has based a poem by Hans Christian Andersen and will transport you into a storybook world. The runtime’s actually quite long (20 minutes) as compared to other stories that last for less than 10 minutes. This app, which is between a video game and film narrative, will surely give you a divine experience.

This real-time visual reality story comes with top-notch sound design, as well as great animations. As you take a journey in this story, you get a natural pace as some audio and visual cues are the ones that will direct your gaze. Also, sitting objects will only be activated after you look at them. You also noticed that some of the events that happen will depend on the direction that you will be facing. Because of that, you’ll never get stuck looking for the next piece of the puzzle.

Google Earth VR
We have always loved Google Earth and VR has made it super cool. You get to go around the world, enjoying the cool landscape. It’s also quite educational if you like geography. What we really love about Google Earth VR or online betting sites south africa is that you can quickly navigate the menu and visit some major landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge or the Sphinx.

If you have used Google Earth before, you probably already know what it’s about. The only huge difference now is that you can now zoom across fast distances within a matter of seconds and you also get to land on major structures all around the world.

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality Games

Virtual Reality has slowly stepped into the scenes. Such that everything that we do is now slowly evolving around virtual reality. Be it the games we play or the exercises that we do, we are slowly but surely stepping into a whole new world.

However, despite this fact, there’s also still the aspect of augmented reality. Such people tend to confuse the two terms. Though they may be a bit a similar, there still are major differences between virtual reality and argumentative reality. But these are not the only types of reality that they are. As we also have what is called mixed reality.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a complete immersion experience that transports the user or the player into a whole new world. Such that even playing the game the player is taken into the game as is.

Take for instance play Virtual Reality best online casinos nz games the player will be escorted into the Virtual Casino where they can play as well as interact with the rest of the players.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality or AR adds digital elements to a live view offered by using the camera or the smartphone. Such that the players surrounding are the same but AR will be adding certain aspects to the surroundings using a device like a smartphone. Popular games that come with

AR include Pokemon go where the player had to use their phone to find the Pokemon at visit website but this does not mean that the Pokemon was actually there in physical Augmented.

What is Mixed Reality?

As one can tell from the name, Mixed Reality is a combination of both AR and VR. Such that it gives players the ultimate experience. Mixed reality is just starting to take off and we are sure to expect a whole lot more fun. As one can only imagine how amazing VR and AR games will be when combined.

How to Apply Maximalist Design to a Small Living Space

Unfortunately for everyone who owns a smaller home, minimalism is out. That means that the simplicity common to modern and Scandinavian styles is outdated, and the larger, louder design of maximalism is in. But, how can a small living room successfully capture the maximalist look without feeling cramped and cluttered? Here’s a how-to guide for small living rooms with maximalist dreams.

Go Big in Your Home

While minimalism is about creating vast, empty spaces, maximalism is interested in cluttered and cramped vibes — meaning it is actually the perfect aesthetic for smaller spaces. Already, your living room is on the small side, meaning most of any items you place inside will feel oversized. To drive the point home, you should consider laying a large rug underneath everything, hanging an extravagant chandelier and investing in well-stuffed armchairs and sofas. Contrary to what you might think, upsizing all your furniture and décor won’t make the room feel smaller; it will take the emphasis off the size of the room and onto its extravagant styling, which is exactly what you want.

Even though maximalism is supposed to make a room feel busy, you don’t want to make your living space non-functional. That means you should strive to keep items out of walkways and utilize your vertical space as much as possible. For example, you can get a massive TV — even one that fills up an entire wall — but you should be sure to mount it. If your set is especially large, it’s wise to hire an Atlanta TV wall mounting service to ensure your investment stays safe and secure without damaging your walls. Similarly, you might use wall-mounted shelves and upper cabinets as storage to keep your floor sufficiently free for movement.

Use Color Instead of Things

It’s important to note that you want to create a feeling of clutter — but you shouldn’t actually clutter up your space. Instead of filling every surface with decorative kitsch, you can achieve the right vibe with colors and patterns. Bright, bold colors and busy patterns should be everywhere in your room: upholstered on couches and chairs, painted on walls, adhered with wallpaper, framed as artwork, etc. Popular color stories run the gamut from moody plums and navies to near-garish hues like electric blue, lime green, and neon pink. Trendy patterns include tropical greenery, geometric lines, and shapes as well as animal prints.

While it’s important to pack as much color as possible into your space, you don’t necessarily want anything to clash. Plan your room using an online tool like Material Bank if you feel competent making the right choices for your space’s story — or, if you aren’t an expert at interior design, hire a professional to help you make the right choices for your space.

Make It Personal

Like minimalism, maximalism is a trend. While it is hot now (and getting hotter), maximalism will one day fade in popularity, which means you shouldn’t make your room the epitome of this design style. If you guide the trend using your own tastes and preferences, your room will remain relevant for longer, meaning you won’t have to rush to remodel in the next few years. Plus, when you make your design more personal, you make the space feel cozier and more intimate, which is ultimately what maximalism is trying to do.

A good way to do this is to choose decorations with purpose. Instead of filling your room with meaningless goo-gas from décor stores, you should set out your most prized possessions to accessorize your room. For instance, instead of hiding away family heirlooms, set them in places of honor, like as a coffee table centerpiece or by themselves on a bookshelf. You might also make a gallery wall out of beloved artworks, perhaps produced by kids or mixed with pictures of family and friends.

Your small living space was made for maximalism — you just need to be brave enough to go big and bold. By carefully selecting every new addition to your room, you can make a more interesting, engaging and exciting room than you ever thought possible, and you’ll keep it on trend for years and years to come.

Featured image by Dan Gold

Top 5 Ways for Beginners to Capture Amazing and Professional-Looking Photos

Beginners are often frustrated when they first get into photography. Most want to capture the types of photos that they see in magazine spreads, but that requires skill and experience.

The good news is that there are ways that even beginners can capture photos that are more professional-looking and stand out:

Learn how to hold the camera still

If you want your photos to look good you need to keep your camera still. That is not as easy as it sounds, but as a start you could grip the camera with both hands and support your elbows on the side of your body.

Eventually, you can try holding the camera in different positions while supporting it as best you can. On top of that, a good shortcut to make sure the camera is still is to use a tripod stand.

Use the rule of thirds

Over time you’ll want to learn as much about composition as you can – but a good place to start is with the rule of thirds. To use it you just need to turn on the grid on your camera, then frame your shot using its lines and intersection points as a guide.

By using this technique, your subject will be positioned slightly off-center – with a focal point at one of the intersection points. On top of that the other elements in the composition should be more balanced if you align them using the other gridlines.

Make sure the lighting is good

For your photos to look good there needs to be plenty of light, and ideally it should be soft and diffused. Natural light (i.e. sunlight) coming in through a large open window will normally suffice when you first start out.

If you want you can look into using lighting kits and softboxes to improve your lighting when indoors. For capturing photos outdoors it may be a good idea to try shooting during the golden hour as the lighting conditions are normally excellent.

Explore your camera’s settings

Try to make it a point to slowly but surely explore the various settings on your camera. Initially you could try out its different shooting modes, but eventually you should aim to experiment with its manual settings.

The better you know the settings on your camera, the more control you’ll have over how it exposes your photos – which will invariably let you snap far more amazing shots.

Try framing subjects from different angles

When you’re shooting a subject, try not to stand directly in front of them and at eye-level. That is the most common perspective that is used for shots, and it tends to look a bit mundane.

Instead of that you should experiment with different angles and distances. The more you mix it up and get creative, the more unique your photos will look. For example you could snap photos from ground level, or from overhead, or you could get up close and fill the entire frame with the subject.

Aside from improving your photography technique, you should also look into learning how to edit your photos. It will provide you the opportunity to make lots of great improvements that really bring out the best in your photos. In fact, even something as simple as applying a black and white filter could transform the look and feel of your photos completely.

If you follow everything described above, you will find that your photography begins to improve by leaps and bounds. From there it is really just a question of continuing to practice your technique to hone it, and trying to experiment and pick up new skills to expand your horizons.

Featured image by Loic Leray

Gaming Screenshots as an Art Form

Flexibility is one of the most fundamental cornerstones of artistic expression. This doesn’t just apply with already established art forms either, as it also reflects the new and constantly evolving avenues which our artistic appreciation can take.

One of the most recent forms that has been becoming increasingly visible is that of static gaming images as art. Of course, games themselves consist of enormous quantities of art assets but, as we commonly see in photography, images when properly framed can account for more than just the sum of their parts.

Borrowing from the Old, Relying on the New

Perhaps the most obvious component of this burgeoning art form comes from the classic discipline of photography. Light, framing, focal length, and so many other forms of image manipulation raise their heads here, and these have benefitted heavily from improving graphical horsepower.

Rising graphical standards through better in-game textures, model quality, lighting techniques, anti-aliasing, and antistrophic filtering have all been growing increasingly convincing in recent years, and these are only a few of the technologies involved.

While depictions of realism have obviously seen some of the biggest leaps in believability, it should also be noted that stylised graphics like those from cell-shaded games have also made significant strides in recent years.

Aiding in this more traditional appeal to photography is the inclusion of what is known as a photo mode in many newer games. This is usually triggered through the pause menu or by performing a special button combination, which then pauses the action and opens up the photo tool.

This tool then allows players to fully rotate and tilt the camera, change its distance, add filters to the screen, remove certain characters, add borders, manipulate saturation and brightness, and otherwise play with a whole host of other options.

In effect, this gives more freedom than a real-life photographer could ever find, which can give rise to some astounding artistic pieces. Take a look at a few from Redbull, for the recent PS4 Spider-Man game, to see just a hint of the possibilities here.

Building the Business

The other side of this equation is afforded through the inclusion of humanity as a means of guiding expression and understanding. Before taking a look at how we accomplish this today, however, we need to examine the place screenshots have had in gaming’s past.

Primarily, screenshots were a form of advertising above all else. By placing images of the most exciting parts of a game on the back of the box, a studio could show their games in the most measured way possible. This could allow them to draw from parts of high action or the areas where games possessed the most graphical fidelity.

This was so important, in fact, that it sometimes involved less than honest practices and, more recently, helped shaped the current form of console gaming. On rare occasions, the screenshots on the back of the gaming box would only include images from the best-looking version of a multiplatform release, for example, while the game included within might never match these standards.

When it comes to the most recent generation of consoles, gaming enthusiasts have lamented the emphasis of resolution over frame-rate. This very deliberate choice has allowed games to look amazingly good in still images like screenshots, though it inevitably makes the gameplay itself suffer as a result of less fluidity.

Better in screenshots, and better for their art, but less helpful to those invested in more mobile depictions of gaming art.

Taking from the Human Aspect

In terms of bringing the visibility of gaming and the art within to mass attention, few developments have been as influential as game streaming. Giving space to both the game and the human participants, this goes for a different tact than just in-game illustration, relating human response and feeling back to the game with a direct line.

There is a modern classic style in taking screenshots from live gaming services like Twitch, UStream, and YouTube, for example, in times of success, failure, frustration, or comedy. Selecting the right moment, and using this to capture emotion is an incredibly effective system and one that has inspired memes the world over.

This doesn’t just apply to these services either, as casino online services utilise game streaming to offer interactive classics such as blackjack and roulette though the likes of live casino games. These are more interactive, and all the more effective at conveying and setting a mood because of it.

Static, Moving, and Virtual

As graphics and animation only improve, and the gaming market continues to grow, it is inevitable that we will see a greater emphasis on gaming-related art in the future. With the introduction of new tech like virtual reality, this could even take the form of fully immersive images, which could shape the medium in ways not yet conceived.

Offering itself as one of the more communal and participatory illustrations of art, from the assets to the placement and capture, this opens doors to an interesting future of collaboration. Regardless of how you see gaming itself, these possibilities are certainly expansive and exciting.

5 Quick Ways to Enhance Portrait Photos

People nowadays snap a lot of portraits, ranging from headshots to selfies, or even group photos. Considering how popular portrait photography can be it is no surprise that most editors have tools to enhance them – but PhotoWorks is particularly noteworthy.

Not only will PhotoWorks provide you with numerous ways to enhance your portrait photos, but its tools are designed to be extremely intuitive and user-friendly. With their help you’ll be able to quickly touch up and improve your portraits as a professional would.

Automatically Balance the Color and Light

Many photos suffer from bad lighting that makes them overexposed, underexposed or affects their colors. In PhotoWorks you can fix that with a single click by using the auto enhancement module.

It is up to you whether you want to correct the light or color balance, or both. Referring to the histogram will let you check the tonal distribution and decide which option to use.

On top of that if you want you can fine tune the adjustments further by using the manual settings to directly alter the Exposure, Highlights, Shadows, Hue, Saturation, and more.

Remove Unwanted Glare

Glare is another common issue that can affect your portraits and make the skin texture look greasy. Fortunately learning how to remove glare in PhotoWorks is easy – and you’ll have several options that you can use.

The easiest way to remove glare is with the Remove Face Shine option in the Portrait Magic tool. It will get rid of the glare on your portraits with a single click.

In some cases you can use other methods to remove the glare however, such as adjusting the Highlights slider, using the Adjustment Brush, or with the Clone Stamp. Each option is different, and suffice to say you’ll be well-equipped to handle any type of glare you encounter.

Fix Red-Eye Effects

If your camera flash was too close to the subject, you’ll end up with portraits that have glowing red eyes – which is what is known as the red-eye effect. That can be fixed quickly using PhotoWorks’ specialized Red Eye Removal tool.

Once you select the tool you can use it to paint over the red eyes in your portraits to fix them. For best results you should adjust the size of the brush, and zoom in to the photo to make painting over the affected area easier.

Whiten Yellow or Stained Teeth

Yellow or stained teeth can make your subjects look older and make smiles look less attractive. However it is easy enough to whiten teeth in your portraits using the specialized preset in PhotoWorks’ Portrait Magic feature.

Not only will the whiten teeth preset help you to make smiles look more radiant and give your subject a set of pearly whites, but you’ll get to control how much you want to whiten the teeth using a simple slider.

Conceal Skin Imperfections

Removing small skin imperfections can be tricky, and over-editing can make your skin look unnatural. That being said if you want a quick way to conceal skin imperfections such as acne, wrinkles, scars, or even eye bags you can use the Healing Brush in PhotoWorks.

As a smart editing tool the healing brush will automatically identify the best area to sample and let you conceal any skin imperfections by simply painting over them. It works best on small imperfections, and you can adjust the brush size to allow for a more precise selection.

The feather and opacity options can help soften the edges of the mask that is applied to make it blend in more naturally.


Overall you should be starting to see how easy it will be to enhance your portrait photos and make them look their best using PhotoWorks. Most of the tools require just a single click or a few simple adjustments using convenient sliders to apply them to your photos.

To be perfectly honest the features described above are just a small selection of the full scope of PhotoWorks’ tools. As you explore its features, you’ll see that there isn’t much that it can’t do, and it will let you really come up with portraits that look like they’ve been snapped in a professional studio.

Featured image by Simon Wijers

Why is the Mona Lisa So Famous?

Creativity and Art

Ever noticed that whenever people have a discussion about art somehow it diverts to become a topic on creativity. But many do believe that the two have no connection whatsoever. Creativity is not art but we can definitely say that art is creativity.

The reason why we are so comfortable saying that is because art is design, the ability to manipulate anything that comes to mind. It does involve a little bit of creativity but it is not creativity. Art is the freedom of interpretation that has no rules, unlike south african casino games they have many rules. You can decide to see a different thing from what everyone else can see or hear or feel. That is art.

The famous painting of Mona Lisa is worth talking about. It is not a usual thing when people mention art and do not mention the painting of Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa Playing Cards

What really is the fuss about this painting. Seeing it for the first time well we bet you all have thought, ok, this is just a pretty woman with a nice smile and looking very modest. With no jewelry or makeup whatsoever. But is that what this is about?

We would like to think so. But again it is also because of the talented hands of the legendary Leonardo da Vinci. Only the real artists would understand the meaning of detail. The Mona Lisa painting shows the handling of sfumato among other great techniques that only the talented and skillful are able to possess, just like most of the creative online casino games visit site if you would like to see more.

If you are to look at that painting very carefully you will think it is a photo that was taken. And with that, you fail to find a reason for the admiration for the great painting.

What better way to appreciate the painting but to have Mona Lisa playing cards. To be honest it would only make sense this way. Playing cards have paintings that are ancient and very artistic. And we did mention that there is no art without Mona Lisa. And there you have it enjoy using Mona Lisa playing cards.  

Featured image by Juan Di Nella