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Really Common Logo Design Mistakes To Avoid

A logo is incredibly important for branding. It simply needs to be perfect as it shows brand personality while conveying information about a company at the very first glance. A logo should never be hard to understand or there is no reason to have one. Logos tell brand stories in an instant, non-patronizing and in a completely clear way.

Much can be said about logo design but in many cases, the first thing should be to understand what you might do wrong. This is why we will mention some really common logo design mistakes you have to avoid.

Raster Graphics That Are Resolution-Dependent

As mobile content is much more important than it used to be, we should mention this mistake first. Logos need to always correctly scale based on host device. All images should appear at a quality that is consistent, all without pixelation. Because of this, using raster graphics is a really bad idea.

Professional designers now use scaling vector graphics. They will scale really well, without losing quality. Editing vector graphics is also much easier.

Blindly Following Trends, Fads And Gimmicks

There are always some brand new emerging design trends you want to consider. However, this does not mean you need to blindly follow them whenever designing a logo. As an example, one of the popular trends is using minimalistic and flat design. Is this something you want to use for everything? When you design for a business selling auto title loans, is minimalistic design enough? These are the types of questions you have to ask.

Always think about designing a logo that will stand the test of time. Also, think about the audience you want to reach with your logo. Does that audience appreciate minimalistic branding? You basically need to think about the future when you design your logo instead of what works now.

Improperly Using Typefaces

Most designers get excited as they work with fonts and this is completely normal. However, this can so easily lead towards a very big problem: improper pairing. This would make everything look really silly. Most logos are designed with an inappropriate font in relation to a brand persona. For instance, when you design a logo with the use of Comic Sans for an attorney, the result will be something that is fun and really light-hearted.
There is a pretty good possibility the client will not like this.

Copying Highly Successful Brands

Always Together by Takahiro Sakamoto

Everyone knows the logos of the big brands like Starbucks or McDonald’s. Because of this, some business owners decide to copy the logos. It is definitely a bad idea as it shows the brand is not creative and a lawsuit is also highly possible. For the designer, aping the successful brands leads to a logo that automatically stands out as lacking creativity. You do not want to be perceived as a designer that is not creative. Also, the result will be bad for the business as clients will recognize the copying attempt. All businessmen know how important it is to be unique for success to happen.

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Why Reviews Matter for Artists & Designers

Though there are times in life where other people’s opinions of you and your abilities don’t matter, if you happen to be in business, opinions could be the difference between success and demise. As an artist or web designer, your work is essentially only as good as your clients say it is. When your work of art is not presented in a manner that your clients appreciate, their negative feedback can alter your chances of attracting new business.

Kind of sucks. However, it comes with the territory. Though you can’t please everyone, it is essentially your goal to do your best work so that your customers will share positive reviews. It is through these positive words, that you are able to build your brand and credibility in the creative industry and gain new traction.

How Reviews Affect Business

Today’s consumers are more informed decision makers. They don’t make purchases or go into business with brands without first finding out who they are and whether or not they’re good at what they do. Thanks to the internet, finding out about a company is just a few clicks away. Consumers commonly make and search for reviews on products and services they intend to purchase. Here are some stats on how online reviews impact businesses:

  • 91% of consumers search online reviews before doing business
  • 84% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as a personal reference
  • 68% of consumers make a purchase decision after reading between 1-6 reviews.

So, one bad review from one dissatisfied customer will be read by thousands of online shoppers and will help them make an informed decision about your brand after reading it. For this reason, it is imperative for artists and designers to not only generate their best works but to encourage their satisfied customers to post positive reviews.

Finding Customer Reviews

So, how do you know where your art or design business stands in the eyes of the customers? You can easily find consumer reviews online. Though you may be aware of sites specifically designed for reviews like Angie’s List, The Better Business Bureau, and Yelp, there are other places you should look for reviews. Major sites like provide a platform for consumers to place ratings and reviews on companies like Low Cost Interlock, Country Inn Suites Hotels, and more.

Making the Most of Online Reviews

Whether you find reviews of your company online or not, it is to your advantage to get on top of things before something does pop up. Below are a few tips to making the most of both positive and negative reviews found online:

  • Create accounts and/or profiles on some of the most popular review sites. This will allow you to verify your business, update the location, put business hours, and be alerted when reviews are added.
  • Provide feedback on both positive and negative reviews. Positive reviewers should be thanked for their word of mouth and encouraged to come back again. Negative reviews need to be responded to immediately with compassion. No matter how great you think your work was, apologize that they’re not pleased and offer a resolution. When it has been resolved, encourage them to go back and adjust their review and also provide your own follow-up so other readers are aware that you took care of the issue.
  • Encourage all of your customers to write reviews. The more positive feedback you have, the higher your chances are of getting more business.

Yes, when you work in the creative sector, your talent, skills, and abilities are what will help you bring in customers. However, it is the satisfaction and opinion of your initial customers that will determine whether you get new business. Though you can’t please everyone all the time, it is imperative to put your best foot forward with your performance and be active in the online community to let your customers know you hear them and appreciate their business. These steps will essentially help build integrity and credibility for your brand.

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Pet Art and How to Make It

If you are an animal lover, most likely you are also a pet owner. For pet parents, our furry companions are part of the family, not just a pet. As such, pet parents are always looking for creative ways to memorialize the love they have for their pets.

Pet Paintings

One of the most endearing ways people love to create art around their critters is through portrait painting. Whether your cat is posed amidst a black background or your dog is posed in a pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin, or your guinea pig is a popcorning Red Baron pilot, portrait paintings are permanent illustrations of your pet’s unique personality. Just be mindful of the strain an awkward pose can put on an animal if made to be in it for a long length of time. Learn to recognize the symptoms of arthritis in dogs and other pets, especially older ones, before proceeding with your masterpiece.

Coffee Cups & Mugs

Creativity is contagious when it comes to our pets. Today, there are many sites that offer the ability to produce merchandise with your pet’s photos and artwork. Coffee cups and coffee mugs can carry a print of your critter’s image so you can carry your kitty, puppy, rabbit, guinea pig or fish with you at work.

Pet Sculptures

Sculptures can come in many forms. If you lack the artistic touch but want to create a sculpture in honor of your pet, polymer clay is one way to go. You can mold your cat, dog, rabbit or even fish from little pieces of clay. And if you make a mistake, you can start over without damage to the clay.

For a more permanent fixture, oven bake clay allows you to create your pet, cook it and color it as you wish. There are many videos online that teach how to bake/cure polymer clay. It’s tricky at first because the cooking time is what determines the success of your piece. However, by following the instructions, you should have no problem.

Mixed Media Pet Art

Mixed media is one of the most creative and fun ways to honor your critter. Usually, mixed media includes a variety of materials such as quality photography, paintings, clue, cut outs, paper, and paper mache, or anything that can be used creatively. Examples of mixed media projects are picture frames, pillows, or decor for your work office or home. Holiday pet cards are among the most popular pet creations. We love cards of our animals on Valentine’s Day, Labor Day or any holiday.

Charcoal & Graphite Drawings of Your Pet

If you know how to draw, then drawing your pooch, cat, bird or mouse is a fun and relaxing way to celebrate your pet. Charcoal and graphite sets come in inexpensive beginner sets. Some sets include a drawing pad. When you draw your pet, you can let your imagination get wild. Your pet is no longer bound by the three-dimensional world. He/she is memorialized in the setting you devise. Petsmart has Youtube videos that show you how to draw your dog. Similarly, you can find may other tutorials online that teach you how to draw your specific pet.

Pet Jewelry

Just like people parents, some dog and cat parents love to imprint the paws of their kittens, puppies and other creatures. The imprints on soft non-toxic animal clay are easy and safe to use. Once you capture your pet’s paw onto the soft-air drying clay, allow the impression to dry. Once the clay has dried, you can glue a metal jewelry necklace holder and metal chain to make a necklace.
Step stones also make nice gifts or decorations for the garden. Milestone sells pet photo stone kits you can decorate with a photo of your pet and stunning color glass gems, number stamps and a reusable mold.

Abstract Pet Art

Abstract creativity is a visually stimulating way to pay tribute to your pet. Abstract lines, drawings, paintings or sculptures can be illustrated in any form. Yarn can be used to create a modernized, colorful design of your pet. There are many DIY sites online and videos that show you how to produce beautiful items you can hang on your wall or decorate your bed with.
Pet parents will always cherish their pets and pay tribute to the unconditional love their furry little-loved gives them.

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Creative Videos, Creative Media and White Board Video Trends

The development of creative videos is currently an ongoing trend for today’s marketers since the evolution break out of mobile apps for iPods and smartphones. What this means is that an individual’s (i.e., teacher, marketer, consumer or people in general) thoughts, ideas, and expressions through visualization can be developed on creative videos. Creative videos are actually attracting mobile users because videos tend to be convenient and eye-catching than reading just content.

In fact, more and more people are actually watching videos on their smartphones and other mobile devices, like laptops and tablets. With social media sites like Twitter and Linkedin, streaming videos is a smarter way for people to present products and services, and to send their message (e.g., resumes and curriculum vitae) in a much more professional manner. Therefore, it’s no wonder that creative videos for education have become a growing trend for students and teachers with the use of advancing technologies, software programs and mobile apps in both online and traditional classrooms.

For people who own businesses, creative videos for mobile apps brings in more traffic than content ads because consumers prefer visualization rather reading just content, says Jane Wakefield of the Technology Reporter, Feb. 2, 2015.

Whiteboard videos (i.e., explainer video or sketched video), for example, are developed as creative videos for educational purposes to help students learn and comprehend subjects in a more creative, innovative and fun way. In addition, these types of sketched videos are being developed for employee training in today’s learning organizations. Because video presentations are effective, organizations are developing videos to explain their mission and vision (business plan) to stakeholders. Other reasons businesses create cartoon animation and design whiteboard videos are to able to explain new product development using easy understandable sketches and illustrations to educate employees and stakeholders.
Photo by Jonathan Velasquez on Unsplash

Teachers, therefore, can create a whiteboard video to help motivate students to want to learn subjects in school in a more smarter and cooler way. Audio is a great feature as well when developing explainer/sketch videos for learning, explaining and presenting any type of subjects step-by-step. Below are just nine simple steps in developing a whiteboard video effectively to meet the intended objective and purpose for presenting a subject matter:

  • You first need a well-written script to define the message that you want your audience to take away.
  • Hire a professional voice-over artist, especially if the explainer video is being presented to top executives and stakeholders in organizations and educational institutions.
  • Define and sketching the imagery.
  • Revise and arrange the imagery into an impressive and fun illustration to keep the audience’s attention to want to watch the video to the end.
  • Draw and create guidelines for eye-catching contrast effects throughout your sketch video.
  • Record the video by drawing illustrations on camera.
  • Sync the audio and video after shooting after the audio is complete.
  • Add music, but be sure to seek proper licensing of music if developing your explainer video for commercial purposes.
  • Test, and then export, present and share your whiteboard video to your audience.

“Universities, schools, other educational establishments, and even museums are realizing the potential of whiteboard animation as a teaching aid,” says Paul Lewis of eLearning Industry online, May 2, 2017. He states that most people enjoy the visualization in explainer/sketch videos because it gets the message across effectively and because visuals are entertaining. “Viewers will retain your message – which is paramount,” says Lewis.

Creative media, on the other hand, involves being able to have creative writing, game media (i.e., game design) and/or interaction design (e.g., digital sounds, images and motion, and involves people interacting and working together) skills. Other creative media skills include film and video or even art and design competencies to build and share creative works on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. With continuous trends of creative videos and creative media, e-marketers are drawing the attention of consumers through video ads.

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Southern California’s Signature Architectural Styles

Southern California is the epitome of architectural variation. Consisting of a heavily urbanized environment, the southern cities have attracted people of various backgrounds and heritages throughout history and continues to do so. From its car, architectural fusion with Jet futurism to many other forms of Googie styles, it has presumably made this modern form of art its signature style. Googie designs first appeared in California’s architectural style after WWII, when car transportation became the dominant mode of transport. Influences from the vehicle industry led entrepreneurs to incorporate such designs as a marketing gimmick to entice customers to walk into their food franchises, cafes, gas stations etc.

But this isn’t all there is to SoCal’s art of construction. In this article, we explore the residential home decor and the combination of various cultures, which is the reason behind such enormous architectural practices and progress in this state. California’s frequently changing landscape is a result of its growing diversity, just checking out Laguna Beach real estate will prove the wild diversity of the architecture even in one of the state’s most crowded areas. Apart from the commercial designs and ultra development, a traveler will find residential architecture ranging from adobe homes of Spaniards to glitzy homes of Hollywood celebs to breakthrough modernist architecture to stunning amusement park buildings to Googie structures aforementioned to historic bridges. These interesting and eye-catching sights are found in the following dominant areas of SoCal: Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside-San Bernardino and San Diego.

Various Types of Architecture that manifests itself in SoCal Cities

Suffice to say is that these designs reflect the region’s development that spans well over 100s of years. It is the rich history from which these cities get most of their art marvel. Of course, the famous Hollywood’s influence and expansion is another major factor that shapes the increasingly modern constructive development.

Adobe Homes

Adobe homes are spread throughout Cali. made from organic materials like brick, it is also known as mud-brick homes. The structure basically resembles cob and rammed-earth buildings, even though adobe homes appear in varied fashion across the region. Adobe building material can be dated back to thousands of years when it was used by the locals of America.


Ranch homes go by several names. One of the popular names is Californian Ranch. Originated in the US, Ranch homes are unique for their lengthy and dense ground structure with minimum interior and exterior decor. It is a simple style that first became popular during the war period and later at some point lost popularity to neo-eclectic house styles.


The year 1880 marked the popularity of bungalows in America which have Indian origins. They were originally found during the English colonial period in India. After they found its way into America, it was Southern Cali that made it the most renowned in the history of American housing styles with its large detached housing structure, a triangular roof with dormer windows, and a front porch. Today, bungalows have been innovated to reflect one of the finest art exhibitions.


The Spaniard architectural construction is completely reminiscent of their culture. Despite the south being a British colony in the 17th century, most of the inhabitants there were Spaniards; hence they built buildings and homes the way they were built in their motherland. The Spaniard home design has been adopted and innovated many times over and is popular across SoCal.


The colonial housing style evolving from European influences began in the 1600s with the arrival of European immigrants. Colonial homes were originally two stories and resembled wider building structures but would have only one room on each floor. Today, these houses exist with multiple stories and several rooms on each floor.


Contemporary styled homes saw their rise between the 1960s and 1970 era. These houses have large plate glass windows. They use wood and stones in form of geometrical shapes and incorporate style into them. Contemporary designs are asymmetrical and designed to allow sunlight slip through the large windows and sliding doors. It has large doors with a plain interior. The style is a classic modern design which is added to from time to time but still remains an ever-changing one.

These are just a handful of the many housing decors found in these cities. Southern Cali’s climate is hot, droughty and sunny. It is a typical Mediterranean climate and this is why you’ll see many balconies and outdoor pool facilities in the front and backyards. There’s also a great deal of ultra-modern development in pool designs in residential settings. In summary, Cali is home to tremendous styles and trends in all capacities.

Getting The House Ready For The Holidays

The fall is upon the calendar and the holidays are nearly here. From the home decorators perspective, Halloween is nearly here followed by Thanksgiving in November, with Christmas and New Year’s Eve right around the corner. It’s a time where most homes transcend into holiday spirit before hosting a gathering after gathering with friends and family. The fall can also be a busy time for remodelling and DIY projects as school is back in session and the holiday’s fast approach. Many homeowners put off housework and preparation all year until the fall hits and its time to finish the basement for your cousins to stay in during Christmas. Finding inspiration isn’t hard after all, you can search online for kitchen remodel ideas, check out different home and living blogs for ways to transform your living space into more functional rooms, or see the annual issues of craft magazines for all the holiday decoration trends. Here are some ideas for each holiday as you enter the crazy season at home! 


Halloween seems to be a real feast of famine situation when it comes to enthusiasm and decoration. Some homes turn into borderline theme parks with bones, pumpkins, witches, and ghosts where many just light a candle or maybe change nothing at all. If you get a little creative you can join the ranks of the Halloween diehards without much work. If you are going for terrifying, a simple way to show your guts is to take old clothes, rags, and bedding to a pair of scissors and get them all tattered and dirty. Next, you can add some red dye or food coloring all over them in a splatter to give the scary sense of Freddy or Jason running through the neighborhood. Spreading out some of these ragged clothes on Halloween night will surely bring an element of gore to your yard. 

Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash


In early November Thanksgiving is on everybody’s mind, one of the most popular holidays in America and a source of great inspiration. One of the hallmarks of Thanksgiving is the colors of red, yellow, and orange. When the weather is turning towards winter and all the leaves are changing colors outside you only see these colors so this year invite them into your home. Shopping for anything these colors is a great way to bring the season into your home. Just finding online shops with sales and deals on shipping can have new decor at your home weeks before the holiday without forcing you to leave home at all. Finding towels, blankets, and even cheap comforters can be super easy and affordable. Embrace the color because a few weeks after you will look out the window and see nothing but snow! 

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The 25th of December is one of the most celebrated holidays in the world and traditionally the one which gets the largest decorating budget in time and money. A Christmas decor hallmark is the tree, which can be covered in ornaments and lights any way you see fit. A newer trend has actually become planting a tree outside your home, decorating with the family, and letting it live long beyond that one Christmas season. It is a way to celebrate the holiday without cutting down a fresh tree to do so and year after year your family will have that tree as a memory of a past Christmas. 

Photo by Arun Kuchibhotla on Unsplash

New Year’s Eve

The turning over of the calendar is best celebrated by opulence and luxury. If you happen to find yourself throwing a New Year’s Eve party, this is the time to go big! If you are a woman get a sparkly dress and a man can match in a white tuxedo. As for the decorator, think Great Gatsby! Getting your home dressed up in glitz and glamour is the perfect setting for New Year’s Eve. Champagne and loud music are sure to bring a crowd to your home for fun long after the ball drops. 

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How to Improve Your Online Casino Customer Experience

The days of keeping your mouth shut, nodding politely and never complaining are well and truly, and thankfully, behind us. In recent decades Brits have become more assertive and are not afraid to complain. They also expect a much greater emphasis on customer service and user experience. Online casinos are no exception to this, yet it is something often ignored by the industry at large.

User Experience vs Online Content

A recent article in Forbes Magazineon written by a member of their technology council expressed shock at the lack of, ostensibly, great businesses lacking a UX strategy. It’s not difficult to see how relevant this strategy is to the online casino industry.

Businesses often find that customer retention is low. Many argue that the answer to solving the problem is the customer experience. Or as it’s known in the business world, UX. Research has shown that casino managers tend to focus on luring people in and forget to focus on how to keep them once they have them on the platform. A business can only make money once the cost per lead is outstripped by the money spent by the consumer.

When you’re designing your online casino or looking to revamp a current offering, it’s useful to contemplate and draw from their real-life counterparts. Casinos don’t just offer good games, they have sumptuous recreational areas, people to assist with financial transactions and luxury food and drink facilities. Naturally, not all of these facets are transferable to the online world. However, in the same manner, that a casino owner would consider decor an online casino should think about smooth navigation and comfortable color tones which encourage users to spend more time on the website. The quality of games being offered is becoming increasingly extensive – a cursory glance at the popular online casino like Casino Euro aptly demonstrates this. Not only that, more and more casinos offer endless promotions to new and existing customers

Writer Hank McKinsey has highlighted several features which website developers and designers should consider when they’re making a casino site to generate the ideal UX. These include making the website mobile responsive, nobody wants to wait 10 seconds for a web page to load, and always attempting to achieve a minimalist appeal while ensuring that you’ve included all necessary information and navigation functions. UX has become much more important as online casinos gain traction not only with the traditional online gambler but also those who are opting for the straightforward experience.

Photo by Michal Parzuchowski on Unsplash

Be the Best on the Market

There are multiple resources which should assist your straightforward ideal user experience. Some features are fairly simple and straightforward, bigger icons increase engagement, others are more nuanced – keeping the navigation to content ratio no greater than 20% to 80%.

A key issue in retaining a customer, and why the experience is so important, is the vast number of alternatives which are available on the market. You might have fantastic games and seductive deals but so do many other companies – to stand out and keep customers coming back you need to capture their imagination and think about the consumer journey from beginning to end. If the UX isn’t suitable to the customer, or they find it frustrating, they will migrate to another outlet where they can play the same game and have a superior customer journey.

Mobile technologies are playing a significant role in generating premium UX. Many cite Uber as the ultimate user-friendly, customer-orientated experience. Not only is the product what the public want but they can access it in a few simple clicks. Features like an automatic log in functions, connecting your Pay Pal to your casino account and algorithms which understand the customer and only show them things of interest are all examples of where technology could play a role in advancing the mobile casino experience.

Making the industry mobile-friendly is in itself is a huge leap forward. Significant amounts of money are generated by users playing ‘on the go’ Mobile access is now incredibly important to most people. Falling behind in this area is simply not an option for those looking to peruse a viable business model in today’s digital age.

Small but Simple Steps

While ensuring that your website is optimized for UX can be a time consuming and costly process there are some quick and easy steps you can take instantly to improve without blowing your business budget. Consider switching your web host to improve speed, remove unnecessary visual noise from your pages and make sure your site is mobile responsive.

With a recent research from the National Business Research Institute showing that UX is a lucrative way to grow your casino business, developing your customer experience should be a priority for all and not just considered an additional luxury feature.

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A Huge Directory of Free Fonts that You Can Download

Typically, if you’re looking for a free font, the choices many websites offer tend to be somewhat limited. On the other hand, when a website offers thousands of free fonts, it sounds almost too good to be true.

You can also be excused for wondering how you could ever find a free font that meets your needs if you have to sift through thousands of potential candidates.

FFonts Can Help You Build Your Personal Font Library offers more than just a few thousand free fonts. This website has in fact compiled tens of thousands of free fonts; somewhere between 40,000 and 50,000 to be more exact; all neatly placed in 87 different categories.

Whenever you come across a free font that appeals to you, you can preview it, add it to your wish list, download it, or continue your search if it’s not exactly to your liking.

FFonts makes it all sound easy, and it is.


FFonts’ categories are listed on the left side of their web page. As you scroll down, you’ll find categories containing just a few fonts, many that contain several hundred different fonts, and a few that have several thousand to offer.

There’s an 88th category that contains roughly 25,000 fonts that have yet to be categorized or can’t easily be placed in a specific category.

Are you looking for fonts that were popular in the 50s, 60s, or 80s? What about Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Classic, or Calligraphic fonts? There are selections of Formal fonts, Industrial fonts, Corporate fonts, and Professional fonts that could fit in with the appropriate website designs.

Plenty of wild and weird font styles are available and ready for you to browse through in the Quirky fonts, Wild fonts, Messy Fonts, and Funky fonts categories.

If you’re in need of a high-tech font style, there’s a Hi-Tech category, a Computer category, and a Sci-Fi category; and the list goes on. Serif and Sans Serif fonts haven’t been forgotten either.

Finding the Font You Want

You can zero in on the font you’re looking for, or one that’s close enough, by entering a name or keyword in the search box, browsing through a given category, or searching alphabetically.

Bear in mind that browsing through such a large collection of fonts can easily become addictive, and succumbing to impulse shopping when looking through such a large collection is not unheard of.

Fortunately, FFonts provides a wish list you can add to for eventual downloading.

Once you’ve found the font you want, click on it for a preview. You’ll be provided with a list of characters the font supports and upper and lower-case examples. There’s also a box where you can enter a string of text to get a better picture of how the font will appear in actual use.

The preview page also includes download, web download, wish list, and share buttons.


There’s no need to register to download one or more free fonts. You’re limited to 50 per day; more than enough for most purposes. After you hit the download button, you’ll receive an exec file. When you run the exec file, a zip file will be placed on your computer. When you open it, you’ll be presented with several boxes. You’ll probably want to uncheck most or all of them and select “Custom Installation” to avoid having programs you probably don’t want or need installed on your computer.

The FFonts website’s FAQ page provides details on how to install a font under Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It also contains a cautionary note that suggests installing1,000 fonts or more could slow your computer’s operation.

If you plan to download multiple fonts at once, simply add them to your wish list. All you have to do is hold down the CTRL key and click on each font on your wish list you want to download.

Is FFonts Safe to Use?

FFonts has been on the web for more than 8 years. There were some complaints in years past regarding malware and spanning, but they appear to have been addressed. You’ll still want to make use of the custom installation option to avoid having extras added to your computer (a different browser for example); or, you can opt for the Premium Version to avoid the issue entirely.

Neither Norton Safe Web or McAfee findings reported any security issues, and Scam Advisor gives FFonts a highly trusted rating. The bottom line is that FFonts is safe to use.

When the Premium Version Makes Sense

The FFonts Premium Version is ideal for heavy users. This version enables you to download up to 200 font files and/or 200 web font files per day (versus the standard 50). You also have the option to download the FFonts’ 14,000 font collection.

A premium feature that both heavy and occasional users will like is the absence of ads, allowing you to avoid the possibility of mistakenly downloading a program you don’t want. Priced at $29 per year, the Premium Version is quite affordable.

Summing Up – A Valuable Resource for Designers

Thousands of fonts may sound like a huge number, but having a resource like FFonts to tap into all but guarantees you’ll find the font you need. So many cool and unusual fonts can also inspire you to try new and different design approaches.

As far as pros and cons are concerned, the only real negative about this website are the ads that accompany the standard version downloads. These can, however, be avoided by using custom search, or by selecting the premium version. The preview pages are a definite plus, as is the well thought out font categorization scheme, and the wish list feature that allows you to save fonts and download them later.