Best virtual reality apps for 2019

A lot of people out there tend to think that virtual reality is only for video games, films, and casino online America games. However, this is not true as recent developments show an increase in VR apps. In this article, we focus on a few of the best virtual reality apps for 2019.

This stop-motion VR film is truly breath-taking, telling the story of a young girl living in a cloud-borne village. In this app, you can decide to be the camera. That way, you get to explore the beautiful world, while ignoring the main storyline, if you wish. Allumette is not a game but rather a narrative. None of the characters in this narrative can speak well, although they can convey emotions and intent using noises.

This story has based a poem by Hans Christian Andersen and will transport you into a storybook world. The runtime’s actually quite long (20 minutes) as compared to other stories that last for less than 10 minutes. This app, which is between a video game and film narrative, will surely give you a divine experience.

This real-time visual reality story comes with top-notch sound design, as well as great animations. As you take a journey in this story, you get a natural pace as some audio and visual cues are the ones that will direct your gaze. Also, sitting objects will only be activated after you look at them. You also noticed that some of the events that happen will depend on the direction that you will be facing. Because of that, you’ll never get stuck looking for the next piece of the puzzle.

Google Earth VR
We have always loved Google Earth and VR has made it super cool. You get to go around the world, enjoying the cool landscape. It’s also quite educational if you like geography. What we really love about Google Earth VR or online betting sites south africa is that you can quickly navigate the menu and visit some major landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge or the Sphinx.

If you have used Google Earth before, you probably already know what it’s about. The only huge difference now is that you can now zoom across fast distances within a matter of seconds and you also get to land on major structures all around the world.

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