Can the World Function without the Internet?

There are now limited places in the world where a person can be without the internet. A bar, at the hospital, at church, at school. The internet is basically everywhere. It makes the world go round. And the world literally depends on the internet to function. Let’s try to think, can the world function without the internet?

For the younger generations, that’s so hard to imagine. For 21st century teens, the internet is life. Everything that they want is found on the internet. Look at the time that they spend on their cell phones. Their social life is now on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and the Gram. So, can they function without the internet…that’s most probably not likely.

Then again, the teens are not the only ones in the world. We also have the grandmothers and grandfathers. These people managed to survive way before the internet was here. So the question would be if they could do it, why can’t the teens of today do it too? Why can’t the youth remove the “media” and just be social? Have you notice that casinos depend on social media to advertise their table games and other exciting games.

Never Going to be the Same Again

The internet did make life a lot easier though. Its use brought with it internet banking, which means no more bank queues. Communicating with people around the world has been made easier because of the internet.

The internet came with easier shopping. Real money online casino games are a direct product of the internet.

The internet just made life easier, so easy that it makes it hard for the world to go round without the internet.

As much as the internet did make life easier, it also resulted in the need for new skills at a lot of jobs. The internet came with modernization and better equipment. Paving way machines. And machines make work faster and better. One machine could do the work of 15 men. Meaning more efficiency.
The internet also brought people closer together. Travelling was made simpler. Communication was made better.

So can the world function without the internet? Who knows…

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