Case Study: Should a Designer be a Good Writer?

A designer isn’t by far that person that creates layouts, codes these and uploads the files as it was few years ago. Nowadays, his job is very complex and it requires many hours of intensive work and a very solid background. The programming solutions evolved and he, the designer, must barely have minimal knowledge about. The Internet is in perpetual growing; both in size and in quality and the main “guilty persons” are the designers.

The countless solutions available to build a website make the clients a rare presence and each one is attracted by designers using more and more complex methods- we have here marketing and branding that became as important as the design itself. It’s no surprise to see a very good designer without any projects while others, not super talented having tons and become overwhelmed by the deadlines. There is nothing more than the marketing power. Under these circumstances only the most versatile and talented designers resist in the web design jungle. A designer must be a very good user of Photoshop to create nice layouts, should know how to code and fix some bugs, maybe to have some SEO skills and what not, to be a good social media marketer. Besides that, personally I think is important to have communications skills: it is vital and there are a couple of solid reasons to sustain my opinion. The communication process is realized mostly in two categories: written and spoken. While the first one is useful to create a positive image about you and your services, the last one is golden in maintaining a good relationship with your clients.

Why should you have good speaking abilities?

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1. A real dialogue with the clients

The web design specific language is still complicated and sometimes irrelevant for a normal person. A good designer should know how to translate from this jargon to a fluent and common language, in this way the dialogue is facilitated and everyone wins. Another advantage of being a master in specking is the time saving – it’s difficult or impossible to obtain a good result when a designer is shy and doesn’t speak and the client doesn’t understand the limitations or the expert point of view.

The last, but not the least is that an active dialogue will make the client to appreciate your work and don’t forget, there is no better way of promoting than spoken word.

2. A good image amongst clients

The clients don’t allow themselves (usually) to do a deep analysis of the service providers and usually they make strange associations. A designer that communicates very well is quickly considered also a very good specialist and you should benefit from this.

Briefly, try to better understand the people requests and always show them that you are interested in their opinion. Surely, some of these are stupidities but you shouldn’t blame for that, is more important to reveal them that there are some rules of good design that can’t be ignored.

Why should you have good writing abilities?

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1. Create a blog

A blog is a very precious tool in proper hands. As I mentioned, marketing and branding are two major entities for a designer and a blog is the perfect combination of these two. Much more, across time a blog may represent the main source of someone’s income. In a nutshell, here are the advantages of creating and maintaining a blog:

  • Here you may present your skills, your personal trick and secrets, the perspectives over some hot topics and the potential clients may appreciate these and decide to hire you.
  • Other designers and people interested in design may visit the blog and gradually is formed a community around. It means that you will turn into a rock star designer.
  • A really professional blog attract even the specialists behind the great design companies, therefore it’s a very interesting modality of getting noticed.

However, a blog is a colossal volume of work and not everyone may succeed; patience and perfect writing skills are mandatory.

2. Create tutorials and articles

Unfortunately, a blog is very challenging to maintain and if you aren’t sure about is better to give up. Not having a blog shouldn’t make you totally give up at the idea of blogging, there are tons of good designers that are writing very well and prefer the statute of guest author. Much more, the most visited blogs are paying serious amount of money for tutorials and articles, therefore you may gain both money and exposure.

3. Write an e-book

Another modality of getting famous by having good writing skills is to write an ebook. These are turning into very useful tools and a good designer should pay attention to this aspect. Think at this potential scenario: you write a very good ebook, wisely promote it and some people will buy it (of course, for promotional purposes you may offer it free). The buyers are impressed by your style and the quality of the information provided and they start recommending you to other people. Sooner, it’s impossible not to be contacted by clients that manifest interest in your work.

I will highly appreciate any opinion from the readers about this issue. I consider that is very important for everyone to communicate efficiently and here are just few reasons to sustain my idea. Have you encountered in your career various issues due to the lack of communication? Don’t be selfish and share your adventures with us.

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