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Five Tips for Choosing the Best Calligraphy Pen

Want to create a beautiful artwork? The most important tool that will help you design a beautiful art is a calligraphy pen. It brings out the beauty in anything – artwork design or writing. Sometimes, creating excellent artworks don’t always demand ornate pens. You also don’t have to be a

The Power of Colour when Developing your Brand

Colours influence our emotions in many different ways.In fact, studies have shown that a consumer’s decision to purchase a new or unfamiliar product is based largely on the brand’s colours. What colours appeal to us for some things may not necessarily attract us to others.In short, the colours you choose

15 Essential Graphics Tools for Online Designers

Great design is a process of hard work and inspiration. There are no shortcuts, but technology offers you plenty of tools to save time and increase productivity. Of course the hard part is actually finding the software that fulfills your needs. Over the course of the last year I’ve created

5 Tips for Creating a Stunning Business Card Design

No matter what kind of business/organisation you run, having a well-designed business card is critically important to your success. Your business card will often serve as an introduction to your business, and therefore, will be the first thing that potential clients see in regards to you and your company. They’ll